Here you can find many small scripts which are often used in missions and will help you to get started.
All scripts in this section are free of use by anyone. Usage of any of these scripts is at your own responsibility!
Authors and users cannot claim for any property of a script, or a part of script, even if modified by moderators, or for any consequence of its usage.
Like many mods, some scripts, useful for mission makers, can be considered as cheat by admins on public servers if used for wrong intention. Users are responsible for the way and the context they intend to use them.

Users should consider crediting other authors when using any of their code in the released works.

Topic highlighted with [HOW TO] are general considerations about scripting.


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Script Library - Arma 3 ...
Here you can find scripts for Arma 3.
Title Hits Comments Rating Date: Author
BI supports depending on radio backpack (Hits: 6011)
Short description: Need to allow supports on units which have a radio backpack only?

Tags: Backpack, Module, Radio, Support
(0) 2017-01-06 Pierre MGI
MGI one Man tank (Hits: 6604)
Short description: Drive and shoot, alone in your tank

Tags: Tank
(0) 2017-02-04 Pierre MGI
[HOW TO] quickly test a script (Hits: 14855)
Short description: Need to test a code in the editor?

Tags: No tags
(1) 2016-08-03 Pierre MGI
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