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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core

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Date: 2010-03-28 19:08

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OH-58 Kiowa Warrior ACE

Conversion the the standard BIS Kiowa Warrior from Flashpoint to Arma and now to Arma2.

It uses for the most part ACE weapons and fire and control systems, all thanks to Stiltman for the config work.
Treat this as an alpha version, it's missing the sounds and other adjustments from the standard addon.

OH-58 Kiowa is a family of single-engine, single-rotor, military helicopters used for observation, utility,
and direct fire support. Bell Helicopter originally manufactured the OH-58 for the United States Army, based on the
206A JetRanger helicopter. The Kiowa has been in continuous use by the U.S. Army since 1969. The latest model,
the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, is primarily operated in an armed reconnaissance role in support of ground troops.

Fully functioning cockpit with dials etc.
All versions will have the Mast Mounted Sight, operated by the gunner, primary use is for laser designation/spotting.
Zoom is approx 1.5 longer than cobra.

Weapon loadouts:
2 x Hellfire, 1 x XM296 .50 Cal. (12.7-mm) machine gun
2 x hellfire, 7 rnds FFAR
7 rnds FFAR, 1 x XM296 .50 Cal. (12.7-mm) machine gun
7 rnds FFAr, 7 rnds FFAR
2 x Hellfire, 2 x Stinger
Bonus 2 x Aussie camo versions:
2 x Hellfire, 1 x XM296 .50 Cal. (12.7-mm) machine gun
1 version unarmed

We always recomment to use modfolders.
Check our FAQ for how to do it.

Included files:

Found under Bluefor > Air > US ARMY

Future plans:
I also have big plans for the next release, at the moment the addon will split in two, one will be 100% ACE to make use of the ACE systems/weapons the other not dependent on anything.

Credits & Thanks:
Special thanks to eddyD who built upon the great textures from vektorboson.
Aussie Camo Textures thanx to MitchArma
And thanks to wld427 from project RACS for fault finding many times.
Cheers Southy
As always if anyone is able to help make this addon better please PM

Thanks for the info punisher funny enough the original gun setup I had was closer than this new one but in any case - room for changes next time

Thanks to Siltman/Gustave for the new Mast Mounted Sight and Optics
modEmMaik for the revised GEO LOD (that makes the helicopters handle etc)
SGT Savage and Anzac Steve for total reworking of the sounds/weapons upto Arma2 Standard (You have to hear this thing now)
update of the Xm295 - credits to Alloisi (Marco) for the model

A big effort by a few people to drag this addon further along.

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Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core

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