Coop mission: Camp Lima Co-12 (@)

Sgt.Spoetnik informed the community on the BI forums of his mission release.

Quote Sgt.Spoetnik:
Welcome to Afghanistan gentlemen, You are deployed close to the border with Pakistan and you need to disrupt the inflow off weapons,fighters,ammo and explosives in to this province. Camp Lima is our home and jump-off point
in this harsh and rough terrain, moving around will be done by chopper cause its to difficult and dangerous to drive around.

Battleplan: Main objective is to find and destroy the Taliban supply-depot and to capture or neutralize the Warlord, Secondary is to find and destroy any weapons and fighters in the two staging area's. Also defend the base agains any enemy attack's, Second platoon from "Charlie" company are also defending the base.

Written on 2010-03-30 13:11 by Sgt.Spoetnik  

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