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Requirements: Dry Plants by McNools

Version: 1.3

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Date: 2007-05-16 06:15

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Armed Assault South Sahrani Dry Addon #1

Armed Assault South Sahrani Dry Addon #2 Armed Assault South Sahrani Dry Addon #3 Armed Assault South Sahrani Dry Addon #4

Dry South Sahrani
McNools & ocramweb

I basicly just took the "saralite" from the demo and retextured it for a more "dry" desert-like style.

That said, all work on the island is basicly by BIS, I just changed the textures to make them more "dry".

Standalone pbo working in game addons folder with the original SaraLite in, and show up as 'Dry Southern Sahrani'.

Place the files in your ...\ArmA\AddOns\ directory.

Included files:

Change history:
Replaced the intro-scene with an empty undistractive one
Removed/lowered birds and insects
Changed the texture of the grass
Changed the textures of the plants (not fully standalone, read the separate readme for the plants)


  • I removed the farm-areas from the distance textures, wich makes it so there are some dry-field areas south of Paraiso
  • I also removed the names from the map, wich makes for a more generic feeling.

  • Menu anim of island up and working.
  • few more texture swap.
  • fewer and shortened grass.
  • shortened flowers.
  • less trees per forest squares.
  • default grass replace with desert grass.
  • effect/anim from wind as been cut or greatly reduced on vegetation.
  • Fx leafs,polen...cut.
  • Hawks are less shy.
  • flies, mosquitoes and bees now enjoy sunbathing.
  • improved Zooming on Map for tighter placing of object for mission builders (on spot at once...).
  • Position Grid more precise too.

Known bugs:
Forgot to change it's display-name though, so it still shows up as "1.1" in the game.

BIS Forums topic:
- Link.

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