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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.3

Short description: This mission is to demonstrate the use of AI unit caching when not within player or enemy range.

Date: 2011-01-15 10:46

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cB AI Unit Caching Demo


This mission is to demonstrate the use of AI unit caching when not within player or enemy range. The caching script works by reducing squads when they are outside a specified distance from the players, so that entire squads will reduce to a single unit to save on CPU when they are not near the player. The option to disable caching for particular groups is also available.

# Will cache all groups at the start of the mission
# Will cache dynamically created groups during the mission
# Handles multiple sides
# Will trigger squads of different sides when within range
# Will ignore group if object variable set
# Will ignore triggering by ambient civilians

Put the following in your INIT.SQF file:
0 = [1000] execVM "modules\CEP_Caching\main.sqf";
Where the parameter is the trigger radius where the units will reassemble.

Developer notes:
Here is a list of nifty components to be found in this mission.
CEP Unit Caching by Myke
- This code is originally from Myke's ARMA I Coop Essentials Pack. I have heavily modified it and it now supports vehicle units and dynamic group creation.

Credits and Thanks:
CEP Unit Caching by Myke
RMM_Reducer by Rommel

- Changed from SQF to FSM
- Removed initial 30 sec delay
- Added statistics to report log
- Wait 30s or 10% AI increase to refresh cache

- Added: Ensure playable groups are not included in caching
- Changed: Increased default caching delay from 30s to 120s
- Changed: Updated Teleport script
- Changed: cachingDisabled test group disabled by default

- Added group setVariable ["crB_disableCache", true]; to disable caching on groups

- Added Completely restructed the init component to automatically add all groups and new ones as they are dynamically created
- Changed Trigger distance is now a centralised parameter
- Changed trigger activation code as inspired by RMM_Reducer
- Changed groups from all sides can be cached
- Changed groups will trigger when approached by groups from different sides or playable units

- Added CEP Unit Caching and radio functions to demonstrate their use.

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