WIP report - PedagneMOD release around 30 April

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Arremba San Zorzo from PedagneMOD has send us a status report of this mod. He is now aiming to April 30th for the release of this mod for ArmA and ArmA2.

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Quote Arremba San Zorzo :
I'm proud to announce that around 30 April, the PedagneMOD will be release in beta version for ARMA 2 and ARMA.
The release will contains in the menu list: around 320 soldiers, 80 wheeled vehicles, 30 tracked vehicles and around 35 air vehicles.

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The release in beta version needed for the high number of units. So, i and the guys that are collaborating in beta testing have decided to
release the MOD, confiding in a high feedback from the users to solve the last bugs and give a better product with further scripts and
user actions.
See you soon with other news....
Arremba San Zorzo

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Written on 2010-04-07 15:59 by Arremba San Zorzo  

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