Coop mission : Abu Ghraib by ahmedjbh

ahmedjbh released a new coop mission in the BI forums.

Quote ahmedjbh :
I have tried to make a story led mission, hopefully a fun one. This map is not something that will be much fun on regular servers, but if you play it with a small group of friends with voice communication, I think you will like it. It has a few twists and turns and requires real team work, a focused mind and good use of resources. There will be times you will have to search enemy bodies for maps/wepaons/ etc.

I wanted initially to make it much longer with voice acting, intro, custom models etc, but real life took over!

Its the story of a group of teenagers caught up in the war in Iraq, dont want to give to much away. Contsructive criticism is welcome. I have tested it and found no issues so far.

Written on 2010-04-07 16:16 by Big  

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