oktNoBlur: Blur Remover Addon by oktane updated
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oktane released an updated version of his Blur Remover Addon on the BI forums.
This now comes in 3 different versions:
  • When you use Arma 2 standalone download the Arma 2 version
  • When you use Arma 2: OA/CO download the OA/CO version
  • When you use the OA beta patch download the OA/CO beta builds version
    Quote oktane :
    Finally sorted v1/v2 signatures and fixed arma2 (nonOA) script. My updates come slower than BIS feature requests.

    So noBlur updates released tonight:
      - ArmA 2 1.11 (finally! and w/v2 sig)
      - OA 1.62 (just with new v2 sig)
      - Latest Beta 97028 with v2 sig

    Everything will have v2 sigs in future of course. I also installed more bloated DLC (ACR Lite) but it did not make any game changes so nothing is needed for that.

    I imagine only a handful of people use this mod, but maybe it will be allowed on v2 sig check servers now. Dunno how that works, it says a new key is not needed so they should be able to use the existing one, the only change was on my end.

Written on 2012-09-20 12:39 by oktane  

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