PvP & Coop mission : Special Forces Utes Russia vs USA by sweep

sweep released a new mission in the BI forums. This can be played versus the AI or two teams of three players against each other.

Quote sweep :
The small island of Utes has fallen into political chaos. The United States and Russia have deployed Special Forces within the region. Two weeks ago Neo-Nationalists took control in an attempt to ransom off this mineral rich island to the highest bidder. Powerful armies now converge upon these thugs.
The prize : which rich nation comes out the savior and starts drilling for oil.

RUSSIA and USA: Recover documents in order locate the three main power generators and destroy them. The team which knocks out the power grid first will claim victory. If your team cannot find any documents : track the opposing team, eliminate them, recover documents from any dead player.

Written on 2010-04-21 09:41 by Big  

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