Coop mission : FDF Padagorsk Campaign by Seedo
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Seedo has submitted this coop mission for ArmA2.

Quote Seedo :
Hello Soldiers:
I made not before while ago a nice Coop Campaign in FDF Podagorsk map, it features many things and it very organized and well scripted and i tested it fully and everything work well.
i post a video about it if somebody didn't c it here it is

It's a hard mission and everything connected together in terms of mission it have 6 mission and around 7 side mission, i design the mission for serious players who like planning and teamwork, a lot of observing will be needed, a lot of communication will be needed, a team player commander (and its critical for soldiers to obey), u can c that am talking about playing in a realistic combat environment like.

Written on 2010-04-22 14:16 by Big  

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