Coop mission : Domino by Carl Gustaffa updated

Carl Gustaffa released a new beta of this mission in the BI forums.

Changes in this version:
    - Changed: For space reasons and WOUNDS version reasons, removed connection to specific Domination version, v1 is good enough.
    - Added: On request, added stretchers to all squad trucks. WOUNDS version not required.
    - Added: WOUNDS version. Everyone will get two bandages per crate, squad leaders the double, and medics a lot to give around. Morphine and epinephrine only for medics. Uses the module that prevents non medics from using epinephrine and morphine. So...
    - Added: Due to WOUNDS, a hostpital in the base in case you don't have a medic around. Supersimple, just to test if it works. Unconscious players are now out of luck and will have to respawn. Ambulance has no practical function yet.
    - Fixed: You should again get back what you had when you were killed.
    - Changed: Radio range for automatically forwarded messages over group radio increased from 500m to 1000m to match a2t short range radio range. Also messages will come as yellow commandChat for radio carrier.
    - Added: Charlie engineers gets new toys in big crate . Note that both roles needs to be occupied in order to make it work. These a not solo weapons, and teamplay is enforced this way to avoid spamming. Again, they will be lost forever if destroyed, so place them well.
    - Changed: Some weather readout stuff, will now use Calm winds and Light and variable for very low winds.
    - Fixed: Grass Cutter works again when Charlie Engineers creates a "fortification". Class name had been changed.
    - Fixed: Better handling of the personal ammo crates at your starting position. Is setPos'd after creation, hopefully looks better and equal for all now. Also put in a grasscutter in the area.
    - Changed: Squad trucks will be filled with M72s instead of M136s. MHQs still have the usual two, and I don't touch the 4 in the ammo truck, except giving it 12 more M72s. More than enough.
    - Added: SPAS12 Shotguns for the Army "Engineer" classes, means only Alpha and Bravo gets them (and M1014). Can't really see their purpose in this mission though.
    - Changed: Due to heavy weapons now available for Charlie Engineers, chances to get TOW, AA Pod, or or M119 at mission startup has been set to 60%, 35%, and 10% respectively.
    - Removed: All traces of T90. Without tanks, planes and gunships combined with planned ARENA defense, the options of fighting them are extremely limited. You may still face T72s in counterattacks though.
    - Changed: Respawn time for WOUNDS version set to 60 seconds, due to using ACE "poor mans revive" feature. Timer defaults to 300 seconds (60 available as startup option), but anyone trying to "cheat" and respawn instead will get punished by having to wait the full timer followed by a new respawn (added punishment is another death in the scoreboard, so there you have it ). Might be tough on lone players waiting for company on a persistent server.
    - Changed: New AI artillery breakout oppurtunities. They will not use artillery if they have air units in the area, spotter was not class man, or if spotter dies during initial or adjustment "chatter".
    - Fixed: Some issues in the radio system where you would get messages if you were dead or your radioman was dead. Not sure yet if this covers unconscious state. TODO: Check if it does.
    - Fixed: HQ messages again shows up on the command channel for those who carries a west radio ruck. Was caused by checking against only a single radio, but now that we have more something needed to change.
    - Fixed: Admins no longer able to unlock enemy vehicles. That was not the intended use for this Lockable/unlockable vehicles is defined in d_radiovehicles.
    - Changed: Beta5 is archived, and contains two versions; regular ACE and ACE Wounds. The simple trigger in the base hospital will still be running in the non wounds version, just ignore it and use it's "Heal at" action instead.

Written on 2010-05-16 06:43 by Big  

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