Coop mission : Operation New Hope by Ghost

Ghost has released a new mission in the BI Forums.

Quote Ghost :
This is my latest mission development that utilizes a building fill script and a basic artillery script I wrote. Mission is designed to be played on a dedicated server and does take up a lot of resources on a standard server. for my at home server with low bandwidth usually around 25fps. The reason for this is the island where the mission is located is randomly populated over the whole area. Mission is randomly created each time with varying amounts of enemies. One member will have the option via com menu 0-8 to call in artillery. This is a one time only option. All players can adjust there viewdistance via the same menu. Latest Norrin revive is used with respawn back at the carrier. You start on the carrier and halo into an LZ of your choice. Halo option is available when you get close to the MV-22. Once spawn scripts have initialized you will be show the general locations of the Warlord and the Russian. The other objectives you have to search for. The general locations of the hostages will be shown if you go to the bodies of the Russian or Warlord to look for "intel". The hostages will look like special forces units, so watch your fire. Ammo box will have all weapons available in game, so weapon packs can be used without modifying the mission.

Written on 2010-04-25 13:20 by Big  

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