Author: Arremba San Zorzo
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Requirements: PedagneMOD fix 01

Version: beta 1
Signed: No

Short description: The pack contains over than 320 soldiers, 80 wheeled vehicles, 30 tracked vehicles and 35 air vehicles, of the Italian Army, Navy, Air Force and Carabinieri.

Date: 2010-04-30 22:44

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Arremba San Zorzo

After exactely two years from the last release, PedagneMOD is proud to release the new italian army pack for ARMA 2 today.

The pack contains over than 320 soldiers, 80 wheeled vehicles, 30 tracked vehicles and 35 air vehicles, of the Italian Army, Navy, Air Force andCarabinieri, divided in 9 files.
Unfortunately, at date, this pack is still in Beta version, with the command actions menu only in Italian and, contrarily to I have announced, the version for Arma 1 is not ready yet.

About the quality, at date, is not at the same points for all models and textures...many are more accurated, others are only draft.
This MOD is always in evolution and this is what we can do at date.

As we always recommend use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files:

Known issues:
- All: Smoke launcher do not work
- All: The get in position is not always right
- All:The rvmat reflections are not always optimizated
- Soldiers: wound do not work
- LVTP7: commander position do not work properly
- Wheeled: damages do not work properly
- ACM90: the ammo tow do not work properly
- Air:some damagehide do not work properly
- Air: the rescue wench do not work properly

Credits & Thanks:
PedagneMOD is Arremba San Zorzo, but there are many people, friends Clan that are supporting with their affection the developing of the mod. Many of the guys that i'm starting to list are not simply credits, but really mate...they know it.
So, thanks to:
-Eschi, and Zago and all Tornado Squad clan (Uait, Djmitri, Anatema...) for their continue contribute and support with all weapons that they have.
-Nembo, not only for his great videos but also for his continue availability and thanks to all FSI clan for support in betatesting.
-Dedalo mate for their model of C27J and not all.....
-Danny for the new web site and for his patience to listen to me.
-.........a guy that want to remain in the shade, for their support in the develop of the configs.
-All the administrators and the guys of web site for their affection explained with a section of his web site entirely dedicated to the PedagneMOD work.
-Lobo, the mate that with his availability, has exchanged with me many models. The models of LINCE, ACTL serie (M250), M548 started by the complete models 3d and textures that him gave to me.And not all.....
-Peloton for the models of AB212 (from which i have remodeled my version) and EFA (last particularly, i have only changed insigna).
-Vilas for the complete model of Leopard A1A5 (precisely, Vilas has told to me that some pieces of turret is by BWmod).
-Afrographix for the model of NH90 from which i have remodeled my version.
-Robert Hammer for the complete model of MG3 of soldiers.
-HDlaeppli for the complet model of Panzerfaust.
-Obmar for the scripts of winch and door animations.
-the many guys (jackal, deanosbeano, gnat....and i don't remeber over) that have interacted with me on forum.
-...and all guys that i have forget
-BIS for this wonderfull game.

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

- PedagneMOD fix 01

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