Author: YorT
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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 0.1.7
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds The Islamic Republic of Iran forces under the Independents side.

Date: 2012-03-29 10:27

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Iranian Forces Mod

With the Middle East still in turmoil, attention has now turned to the next "axis of evil" country!!
Iran has now become a virtual Super Power in the Middle East, developing nuclear capability regardless of US sanctions. Who will stop them??

The Mod includes an optional ai config, very similar to Zeus's AI Combat Skills, with my own small touches added. It is included as a seperate Mod folder so enabling it can be seperate from the main Iranian Mod.

This adds The Islamic Republic of Iran forces under the Independants side to ArmA 2 and features the following units:

Ground Forces:
64th Infantry Division - Non Proffesional soldiers
Team Leader - KL-7.62
Riflreman - KL-7.62
Conscript - AKM
Recruit - KL-7.62
Rifleman RPG - KL-7.62, RPG-7
Light Gunner - RPK

77th Infantry Division - Regulars
Officer - HK G3A6
Team Leader - HK G3A6
Section Leader - HK G3A6
Rifleman - HK G3A6
Grenadier - HK G3A6GL
Medic - HK G3A6
Anti Tank (Saegheh) - HK G3A6, Saegheh RPG
Machine Gunner - PKM
Radio Operator - HK G3A6
Sharp Shooter - HK G3A6 SG1
Anti Air Specialist - HK G3A6, Strela

23rd Commando Division - Elite
Officer - HK G3A4
Team Leader - HK G3A4
Squad Leader - HK G3A4
Rifleman - HK G3A4
Grenadier - HK G3A6GL
Combat Medic - HK G3A4
Anti Tank (Saegheh) - HK G3A4, Saegheh Commando RPG
Anti Tank (Guided) - HK G3A4, Saeghe Gudided Launcher
Support Gunner - PKM T80
Heavy Gunner - MG3
Marksman - Nakhjir SVD
Field Engineer - HK G3A4, Mines
Forward Scout - HK G3A6 ZF
Anti Air - HK G3A4, Strela

Naval Marine Division
Naval Marine Officer - HK G3A4
Naval Marine Leader - HK G3A4
Naval Marine Regular - HK G3A4
Naval Marine Medic - HK G3A4
Naval Marine Missileman - HK G3A4, Saegheh RPG
Naval Marine Gunner - PKM
Naval Marine Signals - HK G3A4

Revolutionary Guards
Officer - S-5.56
Team Leader - S-5.56
Squad Leader - S-5.56 ACOG
Rifleman - S-5.56
Riflrman (Mortar) - S-5.56
Medic - S-5.56
Anti Tank - S-5.56, Saegheh RPG
Machine Gunner - PKM T80
Sapper - S-5.56, Mines
Marksman - S-5.56 Sniper

Quds Special Force
Quds Leader - KL-7.62 SF
Quds Operative - KL-7.62 SOPMOD
Quds Medic - KL-7.62 SFGL
Quds Gunner - PKM T80 SF
Quds Demo - KL-7.62 SVF
Quds Scout - KL-7.62 SVD

National Liberation Army of Iran - OPFOR
Mujahedin Militants
Militant Leader - AK-47 (NLA)
Militant - AKM
Militant - SKS
Militant Machine Gunner - RPD
Militant Masked - AK-47GP25 (NLA)

Regular Troops
Team Leader - AK-47 (NLA)
Rifleman - AKM
Grenadier - AK-47GP25 (NLA)
Rifleman (Explosives) - AKM, Mines, Pipebomb
Rifleman (Anti Air) - AKM, Strela
Medic - AKS
Rifleman (RPG) - AKM, RPG7
Heavy Gunner - PKM
Marksman - M76
Woman Combatant - AK-47 (NLA)
Crew - AKS
Helicopter Pilot - Revolver
Hashshashin (Sniper) - Al Kadesiah
Secretary General - unarmed

Weapons and Ammo boxes, HK G3A6, HK G3A4, HK G3A3, HK G3A6 Scope, HK G3A6 SG1, MG3, KL-7.62, S-5.56, Saegheh RPG, Saegheh Commando RPG, Saeghe Missile Launcher, MPT-9, Nakhjir SVD, PKM T80,
SF KL-762, SF KL-762 GL, KL-762 SOPMOD, KL-762 SOPMOD H, KL-762 SOPMOD U, KL-762 SVD, KL-762 SVF, PKM-T80 SF

Iran Army Armor:
MT-LB, BTR-60, Boragh APC, Cobra APC, M48A5, M60A1, Zulfiqar, T-62M1, T-72M1, T-72S, 2S1 Gvozdika, M109A1, SA-6 AAM Launcher,
Straight Flush Mobile Radar, Tank Crew, Vehicle Crew

Iran Air Force:
AH-1J Iranian, Panha 2091, F-14, F-4, An-72, Mi-17, Shabaviz 2016, Shabaviz 2-75, C-130H, CH-47C, C-47 Military Transport, Air Crew

Iran Army Vehicles:
ZSU-23 Shilka, HM-20 Artillery Rockets, HM-40 122mm Howitzer, HM-15 81mm Mortar, Motorcycle, UAZ, UAZ SPG-9, Ural, Ural Anti Air

Iran Army High Command:
President, Presidential Guards, Presidential Car, Presidential (VIP) Plane, Sarlashkar (Officer)

Iran Navy:
Naval Mi-8MTW, Naval Mi-8TVK, Naval AB-212 and AB-212ASW, IRIN Landing Ship, IRIN Patrol Boat, IRIN Missile Boat, Rigid Inflatable Boat, Sailor

National Liberation Army of Iran Vehicles:
Kamov Ka-32T Transport, Kamov Ka-32S SAR, Kamov Ka-32A7 Attack, T-62A, T-55, BMP-2, BRDM-2 (4 variations, HQ, Rocket, Missile and DSHKM), BTR-40 MG,
BTR-40, BTR-40 Ambulance, Ural, Katyusha Rocket Launcher, UAZ, L118 Howitzer, NLA Ammunition Box, NLA Weapons Box, Flag (IRAN NLA), Flag (PMOI)

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Make sure to overwrite any of our previous addons with those included in this release.

Included .pbo files:


Known issues:
C47 and Shabaviz 2016 have no destruct model.

Credits & Thanks:
The Iranian Mod Team:

Mechastalin - for the base BTR 70 model.
NZDFCrash - C130H model. (A big thanks)
Wld427, Lobo, peleton and Anulox- 214 Model.
Rikabi - AH-1J texture.
brownmab53 - Straight Flush Fire Control Radar model.
Martin - ofp Bell206 JetRanger.
Vilas - SKS, RPD, RPK-74, HKG3, MG3 weapons, and ak_u anim. (A big thanks)
Maza94 – for some face textures.
D@VL - base Infantry MLOD's. (A big thanks)
solus - PRC119 radio model.
Southy - F-14 and F-4 Planes. Autosmoke script for exhaust effects.
Gachopin - Sailor model and base ship model.
mankyl - config for LST particles.
rygugu - M60 Tank model.
Takko - for the base BTR50 model.
[APS]Gnat - An-72 (Coaler), (Ka-27, Gnat and originally Ivan)
SuperRat - BMP-2 IRGC texture, fixing Zezal model.
GossamerSolid - helping finalise some of those nagging bugs.
Xeno426 - further developing of this Mod, changes protocols in configs

- fixed gunner bug in IRAN_Vehicles.pbo
- fixed sounds in F4E
- updated textures for Safir, Sepher, C-130H, Urals and M-48
- new Navy vessels, Patrol Boat and Missile Boat.
- new NLA (National Liberation Army of Iran) Army, found under OPFOR in editor (This is a comprehensive new OPFOR side).
- new Naval Mi-8TVK Helicopter
- fixed many improvements on existing models, including adding recoils on tanks, thermal imaging and re-textures.
- new Heavy Armor units, T-62 Battle Tank, 2S1 Mobile Artillery and M109A1 Mobile Artillery.
- new Light Armor units, M113, BTR50 changed to MT-LB, Boragh APC and Cobra APC
- new CH-47 chopper (reskin BIS)
- new Artillery computer support for all artillery units (includes Naze'at 6)

- new units LHD, Destroyer and Frigate in editor under USMC for mission editing (all moveable units)
- updated weapon recoils for better playability
- updated F-14 aircraft into three classes, Bomber, Attack and Air to Air
- updated @Iranian_Forces_AI_Config for better AI playability
- updated Special Force Quds units
- All engineer classes OA compatible.
- Zelzal-2 Missile Launcher now functional

- new M48A5 Medium Battle Tank.
- new M60A1 Main Battle Tank.
- new Zulfiqar Main Battle Tank.
- new BTR-50 APC.
- new Revolutionary Guards units.
- new Special Force Quds units.
- updated some units and vehicles/choppers to use OA functions, i.e. flares, backpacks, FLIR etc.
- new exhaust smoke effects on some choppers.
- new Special Forces Weapons, including KL-762 in various upgraded SOPMOD and custom loadouts.
- Gnat has allowed his An-72 to be included in this Mod (Thank-You)

- hot fix for IRAN_Weap.pbo + testing

- new 23rd Commando units.
- added new weapon types.
- increased long range accuracy for HK G3A6 Scoped weapons.
- graphic fix for Saegheh RPG.
- added bow and stern water particles to LST Hengam.

- updated 64th and 77th Infantry uniform textures, now more dirty for realism.
- inclusion of Southy's F-14 and F-4 into Mod, no more reliance on external PBO.
- new Panha 2091 attack chopper.
- updated AH-1J Iranian 70mm rocket launchers, now more detailed.
- new Naval Marine units.
- new Navy vessels, LST Hengam and Rigid Inflatable Boat.
- new sailor unit.
- new Naval AB212, AB212ASW (with torpedos) and Naval Mi-8MTW choppers.
- bug fix in IRAN_Vehicles.pbo

- beta testing.

- First release.

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