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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0Plus

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Date: 2007-06-24 14:37

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Group Link II Plus

The original Group Link script was written by toadlife so credits should go to him first of all!
In OFP time’s KeyCat heavily modified the original todolife Group Link script and tweaked and enhanced it.
So next credits should go to him for his outstanding work.
The ArmA Group Link 2 Plus! script is based on the last released version of Keycat’s OFP Group Link 2 v.1.91 script.

    AI/Player FEATURES:
      - AI Enhanced
      - AI Call Reinforcement
      - AI Call Artillery
      - AI Mount, Unmount Vehicles and Choppers at the target position
      - AI Units in Choppers do Para drop or Unmount at target position
      - AI Drop Smoke for cover while Unmounting
      - AI On feet also drop Smoke for cover if the come into a fire fight
      - AI React to Gunfire
      - AI React to suppressed fire
      - AI Perform house searches at target position
      - AI Captive
      - AI/Player Dynamic Voices
      - Player Hit ,injured effects and voices
    Those scripts are used to bring some more atmosphere to Armed Assault.
      Player and Enemy:
        - Alert Voice Player
        - Suppressed Voice
      Enemy only:
        - Behaviour Voice
        - Captive Voice
        - Detected Voice

      Player only:
        - Artillery Voice Player
        - Attack Voice Player
        - Grenade Voice Player
        - Hit Voice Player
        - IDLE Voice Player
        - Injured Voice Player
        - Killer Voice Player
        - Reloading Voice Player
        - Tanks Voice Player
        - Wounded Voice Player

    The script uses different injured level’s which will be selected by the level of injured of a player.
      - Weak hit: Player will scream after he was hit by a bullet.
      - Low hit: Player will scream and get a short blackout.
      - Medium hit: Player will scream, get a longer blackout and sometimes will go to the ground.
      - Heavy hit: If a player can’t stand or is badly wounded he will fall to the ground get a long blackout, lose the meditation and will scream. If this happened you will get a First Aid Kit to heal yourself.
      NOTE: You will badly scream and breath till your wounds are fixed.
      - Stunned: If a player is heavily wounded he will be stunned and can only be healed by another player of the same side West, East, Guer. To help a stunned player the helper simply have to move to the stunned player and the helper will get the action Give First Aid

    If a enemy units is overmatched they may will surrender and drop the weapons.
    After a player is near enough to the surrendered units you will get a action “Take Captive”, which let you take the units captive. The surrendered units will follow the captor but be careful if the distance between the captive and captor is too big the captive units may will try to escape.
    Also if there are units in a specific range friendly to the captive they will try to escape and join the nearest friendly group.

Installation/required addon:
To get all the voices of the ArmA Group Link II Plus! script you need to use the AddOn called “GL2Plus.pbo” which is located in the folder “AddOn“ of the ArmA Group Link 2 Plus! package.

Now simply put the “GL2Plus.pbo” into your “C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\AddOns” folder or create a mod folder, where you can load the “GL2Plus.pbo” from.

NOTE: If you play on a dedicated server the server needs the “GL2Plus.pbo” too.

There are still some sounds played twice directly after each other.

There are no longer several target groups supported becouse some people had problems with the way of initializing the script and I have to agree with them.
It also needs a big amount of time to test everything with one and several target groups and I don’t have this time.
Another problem with using several target groups is, that the groups will share one target spot, so if one group is placed in the north and the other group is placed in the south the target spot will always switch between the groups.
There is still a lot to do to get the script working with several target groups like it do with one target group.
Till i found a better way to use and initialize several target groups the script will only be support to use one target group only.
If you still like to use several target groups you can do this with the script ZoneKiller made it still should work fine but remember i can not promise that everything will work.

Since v.1.0 Plus! there are no longer triggers needed, becouse they are all created by the script
So if you still have triggers placed on the map, which stick to ArmA Group Link II please delete them!


Special Thanks to:
ZoneKiller, KyleSarnik, Solus

Thanks to the Beta testers: Team, Sgt.Ace, ZoneKiller

BIS, Toadlife, Kriegerdaemon, Kegetys, SNKMAN, BAS, Amalfi,, Suchey & Earl,
Silola, KTottE, Skaven, Sgt.Ace, Mapfact ,Solus ,ECP Mod Team, Joemoemino & General Barron and everyone else that makes ArmA/OFP keep going!
BIS for giving us this kick-ass product
Toadlife for his original Group Link script and other great work
Kriegerdaemon for scripting ideas
Kegetys for the Editor AddOn and other great work
Skaven for his nice RACS units and the very awesome weapons
Sgt.Ace for a great ArmA Everon
Mapfact for South Sahrani Island and all the other great work
Solus for the way of how to use the original ArmA voices
ECP Mod Team for the great OFP modification ECP ( Enhanced Configuration project )
Joemoemino and General Barron for the First Aid Kit used in ArmA Group Link II Plus!
BAS for all their great stuff
Amalfi for his PBO-file utilities for a kick ass website
Suchey & Earl for the Marine Assault Pack and other great work
Silola at Mapfact for XCam-Console a very usefull tool
KTottE for bright suggestions

Feedback and suggestions:
If you have and problems with the script or you have some questions or ideas you can find me at the BI FORUMS.
User name: SNKMAN

Forum topic:

See included readme.

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