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Version: 1.1.1

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Date: 2007-03-28 15:55

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Animation Viewer
Hoz, Mandoble, Kronzky

Demonstrates all available animations through an in-game menu.
Also displays any faces, or plays any music tracks that are embedded in the game.

If "Queen's Gambit" is installed, those additional animations are available under "Animations (QC)".

Locate your mission folder (most likely under "My Documents\ArmA\missions", and extract all files (including their folder name) into that directory.

Open the editor and select "Rahmadi / OFPECGameViewer".
Use the action menu to switch between the different browsers.
      "Clear" removes all animations from the list.
      "Add" takes the animation name that is entered in the main text field, and adds it to the list.
      "Normal"/"Slow-Mo" toggles the animation speed between normal and 1/10 of the regular speed.
      "Repeat" repeats the last animation.

The list of animations comes directly from the Bohemia Wiki ( ), and is sorted in the exact same order it is listed there (to make updating that list a bit easier).

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Animation Viewer

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