505 Interview with AAZ and Armamods
General and Armed Assault Zone have had the chance to put some questions to
Ian Howe of 505 Games.

Hi Ian, Thanks for taking the time to give us this Interview.

Q: 505 Games signed as publisher for Armed Assault a few days ago. By looking at your company�s history we have seen that you guys have been very busy on the console market. What can you tell us about the history of 505 Games?

-505 Games does have a history of publishing niche Japanese and American console games with very hardcore games like the Armoured Core for example. We had noticed that a lot of players in Europe were eager to play very special games going out in Japan and the US and wanted to offer them the opportunity to play. We now want to go further and enable them to play excellent console and PC games that we are searching at the source and looking a little bit closer to us, were great development teams create astounding games.

Q: When did 505 Games decide that it was time to enter the PC market?

- We decided to enter the PC market: to answer the European players� needs. There is a great PC installed base in Europe, very eager PC fans and wonderful European developers: what a great mix!

Q: What made you decide to publish Armed Assault?

-To be honest? Simply because it�s a great Game. Of course Operation Flashpoint�s success has played a little and the fact that Bohemia�s great team was behind it!

Read the complete interview here in our forums.

Written on 2006-10-30 21:55 by Armaholic  

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