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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.8

Short description: This tool can help you with creating your own maps for ArmA 2.

Date: 2010-03-10 17:24

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World Tools


This tool can help you to create your own maps for Arma 2 and makes placing objects a lot easier by giving you access to different placement and generating tools.

Major features:
  1. include a complete Fence Generator system for placing fences, walls and a lot of other kind of object.
  2. new scripting language for creating macros. Macros can be used to automatically generate farms, houses with gardens, compounds, castles and every other thing you will need.
  3. new forest generator tool, with support up to 256 mask colors, multiple different object placement on the same color with user customizable probability of placement (useful for bush, rocks, different tree types on the same area).
  4. a complete manual (available on about-help menu) with scripting samples, complete program logic and usage explanations and a full help for scripting language.
  5. able to import SQM/BIEDI files into Visitor3
  6. World tools now is able to connect to Sickboy's Six Config Browser
    • - hosted on Dev Heaven to automatically retrieve object definitions while converting SQM/SQF-BIEDI files into Visitor 3 importable format.
      This will greatly improve the program capability to produce a ready-to-import file that could be loaded and hardened into islands by island developers, using ArmA2 mission editor object placement.

Run the auto-installer.

- World Tools forest tutorial - A tutorial on how to build forests with world tools.

Arma 1 vegetation definitions (with pictures) for World Tools:
Bushlurker released the Arma 1 vegetation definitions (with pictures) for World Tools. They effectively make Shezan74's superb "World Tools" Forest Generator utility usable for Arma 1 terrains.
Just choose "import object template" and point it at the definitions file...

- Arma 1 Vegetation - World Tools Definitions

Special thanks goes to my clan -[TdC]-, to -[TdC] for for supporting me and to Marco -[TdC] for initial idea.

- New offset feature that operates on the ArmA2 output file, to work on extremely huge maps with partial map chunks.
- World tools now support a new feature for fence placement that allow user to introduce a small random deviation on each fence piece placed on the map. This is suitable for making more realistics fences (avoiding extremely precise straight in wood fences) and for everything you could need. BEWARE: this feature will prevent you to have a precise box closing.
- Added the ability to set starting coordinates by numerical input for fence editor
- Bug fixed: Sometimes WT was not able to save your work.

- SQM / SQF now export absolute altitude of objects. This function requires a modified Visitor3 import script provided with the application.
- Added the ability to rename a forest color name to reflect the object type that the color will contain.
- Added more objects images to template object list (vegetation) [by ZeroG]
- Added a lot of new objects from Summerplants 1.0 [by Bushlurker]

- Bug fixed: Remapping tool doubles the " character on output files
- Bug fixed: 8 bit indexed images used as mask for Forest Generator were not saved in project file
- Added: Now it's possible to generate and export a single color from world tools forest generator.
- Added: User defined templates are now exportable and re-importable into different projects. It's possible to create a user library for each terrain type.
- Improved: Forest generation placement precision has been reworked to ensure more precision on coastal areas
- Added: sqm file import/export to Visitor 3 is now able to deal with relative heights over the ground. This option requires a checkbox selection and the usage of a CUSTOM IMPORT OBJECTS SCRIPT that must be placed into Visitor3\scripts folder. File is available from the import/export form.
- Added: World tools checks for newer versions on startup

- World tools now is able to connect to Sickboy's Six Config Browser hosted on Dev Heaven to automatically retrieve object definitions while converting SQM/SQF-BIEDI files into Visitor 3 importable format.

- Added: SQM / SQF-BIEDI script files to V3 feature: World tools now loads your .sqm and your .biedi files and export them into Visitor 3 importable format. [Featured requested and tested by Bad Benson]
Biedi are the files created by 3D Editor in ArmA2 and ArmA2 OA (ALT-E from the main screen). Biedi are the companion files of SQF mission file format.
Program will search into your P:\ disk (if you're a Visitor3 user) trying to match the editor objects with the objects into your ca\ and other object folders.
- Added: Now in forest generator and object remapping the user can remap/place objects that aren't defined in object list, by indicating the path of the object (eg. ca\buildings\tent).
- Added: Forest generator now inform user about the percentage of each mask color into the map. Now you know what you could easily ignore.
- New feature: Forest Generator is now able to SIMULATE forest generation results for easy tuning of final number of objects.
- Bug: Object selection form doesn't remind last position after third open
- Changed: Check for updates will open default browser.

- New function: Remap vegetation objects from existing islandprojects: use the full power of World Tools also in your old projects.
- Support for ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead objects (not included by default yet)
- New support site for World Tools at Dev Heaven.
- Updated template image management. Program size on disk reduced by 90%.
- New values on item classification list.
- Included Berghoff objects for user convenience.
- Some enhancements on the object selection list for Forest Generator.

· Bugfix: The percentage of a placed object could under some conditions will screw up percentages of the same object type in another color. [Reported by Lecholas]
· Small optimizations on fence placement (object relocation now starts from end of the selected object and no more from it's middle point).

- Forest generator now export forest placement mask images. You can use those images to update your satpics or operate color/texture modifications or as object distribution preview.
Function is available from the Forest Generator form and from the Main Form. [feature suggested by MikeBart]
- New function "Remove all objects" from the selected forest mask color.
- "Apply to nearest colors" in Forest Generator now set color percentage too.
- New function "Rescale percentage to 100%" to rescale object percentages under specified color to 100%. This function is also automatically performed on forest generation
- Fence generator zoom improved to keep the actual position on the screen center.
- Some automations has been refined to increase user productivity.
- New feature "Version check" on user request, to be sure to have the latest release of the program.
- Dozens of new template objects available on all categories.

- Forest placement percentages rescaled to include decimal values, for a more accurate placement of sparse objects. Now it is possible to have a 0.1% probability of placement for an object.
- Some optimizations in forest calculations.
- Added a new summary output page with support for separate (smaller) object files.
- Number of forest generated objects are now shown on per-type basis on result page, to allow user to fine tuning projects.
- Small optimizations on error management.
- Random placed forests are not saved on the project file anymore (much smaller project file size). (my project changed from 70 to 18 mb)
- Greatly increased number of template objects available.
- Help now covers the Visitor3 import function.

Program interface:
- Small improvements and bugfix to user interface.

Forest placement:
- Some small optimizations on forest placement routines and User Interface
- New option on "Maximum obj per pixel". There is a new checkbox called "Randomize obj number". When program attempts to place forest objects in a pixel will make a dice roll from 1 to "maximum object per pixel" on the selected color.
By unchecking the option the program will not randomize object number anymore but use the maximum value. For the indicated number of attempts the program will attempt a placement following color placement probability.
- Objects with 0% will be not rescaled to match 100%, so will NOT be placed in any way. This way is useful to disable an object placement on a specified section without deleting it.
- Major speed up in image analysis on image with large palette (many optimizations has been done, but please take note that elaboration time will increase with color mask increasing). The program will work EVEN if you can't see any visual update. Threading and notifying the user interface resulted in a unuseful overhead of the application, so i avoided this. Program will automatically notify if something goes wrong.
- New context functions: Copy / Clone for objects behind a color mask
- New feature for mask with a lot of colors: Apply to nearby colors.
This feature will apply the currently selected object definitions to al nearby colors (in a predefined range)

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- BI forums
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