Mission pack: SP missions by Ernesto

Ernesto has submitted a mission pack containg three missions in Spanish.

Quote Ernesto :
OperaciĆ³n Ciclope 2: The Chedakys are able to track our movements in the northern part of the country due to their radars and communications towers. You, as a member of a group of USMC regulars is commissioned to destroy them all!
The NAPA friends are going to help you in this nocturnal task. A good coordination work is required to survive.

Un buen Amigo 2: The war always affect the civilian people!
Help the Solnichniy garrison, and then start your humanitarian job piloting a Mi-24 from the Chernarusian Armed Forces.
Be prepared for interdiction missions!

Un frente amplio: Two M1A1 tanks are the main barrier between the USMC soldiers in Vybor air base, and the Chedakys tanks; and you are their Commander!
Fight well with AH-1Z Cobras help, and the victory will be yours!

Written on 2010-05-20 16:48 by Big  

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