WIP Report - RKSL Merlin HC3 Beta teaser
Work in progress

RKSL-Rock released some screenshots on our forums showing the Merlin HC3 of which a beta version will be released tomorrow for the public.

Qoute RKSL-Rock :
As some people have guessed we were asked to support PC Format's ArmA2 MP Game event: Chernerus Rhapsody by providing a 'special' addon. So we gave them the Merlin HC3 Beta to play with.

The addon has changed a bit from what was previously mentioned. Below is a list of upto date features:
  • Auto/Manual Landing gear toggle
  • *Auto/Manual Doors toggle*
  • *Switchable Copilot Position* - Allows the copilot to take control of the aircraft and vice versa.
  • Cockpit System Audio Warnings - Bitchin' Betty
  • Fully Instrumented cockpit and warnings
  • Integrated Self Destruct script to make vehicle respawning easier in Domination etc
  • Laser Designator in the Optical Turret.
  • 3 Versions
      [*]Unarmed (U) - holds 34 cargo
    • *Gun (G) - 3x GPMG - One either side and one on the Ramp with 30 cargo slots*
    • *Cargo (C) - 2x GPMG - One either side with space in the back for cargo.*
A few words about Flight Models Due to various reasons the Flight Model Switching has been dropped. I could list them all but it would be counter productive. As previously stated in the Lynx Release thread I'm sick of little boys telling me how helicopters should fly. Especially since i have big boys and girls who actually fly them telling me the exact same thing. The difference being that they know how they really fly, while the little boys don't. So what does this mean for the addons in game? Well it means I'm adopting the You'll take what you've been given or lump it approach so often favoured by pissed off addons makers everywhere.

Very Early Beta Release Date
Since PC Format's Game event: Chernerus Rhapsody begins tonight there will be a public BETA version available tomorrow. Followed quite soon by the new versions of the Lynx and Pumas (probably Sunday).

* These features aren't yet implemented in the BETAs or still in Dev and may change or be deleted.

4-rksl-opch-merlin-hc3-001_sml.jpg 4-rksl-opch-merlin-hc3-002_sml.jpg
4-rksl-opch-merlin-hc3-003_sml.jpg 4-rksl-opch-merlin-hc3-004_sml.jpg

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the RKSL Studios WIP topic.

Written on 2010-05-20 19:43 by RKSL-Rock  

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