SP mission : National Missile Defense by Chneemann updated
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Chneemann has submitted a new version of this singleplayer mission for ArmA2 where he fixed an error in the stringtable.

Quote Chneemann :
Today I have a new singleplayer mission for you.
Of course I finished the mission even after the end of Mapfact. And it won't be the last mission I'll build.

After I made a lot of missions and played other missions as well, I realized that often the player with a small team fights against a huge enemy with lots of soldiers.
So action will only take part around the player who keeps track of things all the time.

That's why I wanted to build a mission in which the player only takes a small part of the whole operation. My goal was to create a conflict with two nearly equal sides. The player has control of some squads via the High Command System, but not of all units.

If a squad breaks out of the bushes about 650 feet away you have to look first whether they are enemies or friendly. Permanently there's gunfire and explosions around you for real war feeling.

After I had the framework I need a suitable story. And I found the "National Missile Defense" system of the U.S. The Americans like to establish the shield in eastern Europe and the Russians don't like the system there.

It's a bit unfamiliar, but you'll play on the Russian side and it's your task to avoid the missile shield being installed on Chernarus.

So have fun ;-)

Written on 2010-05-21 13:59 by Chneemann  

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