Week report #132
Work in progress

* ArmA 2 - LPD-17 USS San Antonio

    SpectreRSG released new screenshots showing the new SLPD-17 USS San Antonio that is in the works.
    Qoute SpectreRSG:
    15th MEU is developing the LPD-17 USS San Antonio, will have a flight deck, flight hanger, pri-fly room, infantry staging deck, cargo deck, stowage deck, and lastly a well deck. In the well deck there will be room for two stacked LCACs, and plenty of room for an entire Marine Expeditionary Force. Here are some early preliminary screenshots and... if anyone is interested in helping with textures please PM me.

    11657-lpd1.jpg 11657-lpd2.jpg
    11657-lpd3.jpg 11657-lpd4.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Wardak Region

* ArmA 2 - Lost Brothers Mod

    namman2 released some new screenshots showing the work he has done on the namer MK1.
    11657-namermk1n.jpg 11657-namermk1n2.jpg 11657-namermk1n3.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - SG Mod

    Icewindo released new screenshots showing some the updates he has added to his Worlds Island. Frostman released a video showing some of Icewindo's units as well.
    Qoute Icewindo:
    Some of the updates include the:
      Hidden castle
      Goa'Uld/Jaffa environment
      Hostile environment
    11657-starg1.jpg 11657-starg2.jpg 11657-starg3.jpg 11657-starg4.jpg 11657-starg5.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Modern Irish Defence Forces Mod

    The Blink released some new wip screenshots showing the work he has done on the mod.
    Qoute The Blink:
    I'm looking for anyone who is interested in making and finishing up models currently its just me whos working in the models department so anyone who could take time of my hands i would be hugley thankful. These screens show an APC which features a .50cal and a 7.62 GPMG. There is also a modded Mp5 used by the ARW, AW139 by Footmunch, and a 105mm Howitzer (credits to SuperRat).

    11657-irdf1.jpg 11657-irdf2.png
    11657-irdf3.jpg 11657-irdf4.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - ACE2 Abrams

    [CeDe]Aushilfe released some new wip screens of the ACE2 Abrams.
    Qoute [CeDe]Aushilfe:
    Todays Update will bring the following 2 new Abrams Versions to the game, featuring the TUSK I package:
      * Abram Reactive Armor Tiles I (ARAT I), a block type tiles only in lower hull
      * Loaders Armor Gun Shield (LAGS)
      * Power Distribution Box (PDB) which gives power outlets to new TUSK subparts
      * Drivers Vision Enhancer (DVE), Drivers thermals
      * Counter Sniper / Anti Material Mount (CS/AMM), .50 cal over the main gun tube (according to photos seldom fielded at least in early stages of TUSK)
      * Anti-Mine kit: Abrams Belly Armor (200mm extra V-shape armor under belly) and Mine Resistant Drivers Seat (seat hanging from the roof)
      * Only installed to M1A1's versions that doesn't have CITV: Remote Thermal Sight (RTS), Thermal to commander's .50 cal
    11657-tusk_helmad1.jpg 11657-tusk_helmad2.jpg
    11657-tusk_wreck1.jpg 11657-tusk_wreck2.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Dutch Army/Marine Units

    Aeneas2020 released some new screens of the Dutch Army Desert units, Jungle troops, Marines with Mich helmets, Temperate Units, KCT units, and Marines.
    11657-dutchdes1.jpg 11657-dutchjungle1.jpg
    11657-dmarinemich1.jpg 11657-dutchtemp1.jpg
    11657-dkctmich1.jpg 11657-dmarine1.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Galil

    Christian.1987 released screenshots of his latest project: Galil Assault rifle.
    8582-galilrifle.jpg 8582-galilrifle2.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Australians at War

    Soldier_X released some screenshots showing the Bushmaster IMV,ASLAV-25 and the F88.
    Quote Soldier_X:
    Hey guys so a bit of a heads up on where we are going next.
    AAW will be moving on to Operation Arrowhead and will be making our release's from then on as a Mod not individual addons.
    Some of the considerations for moving on are the extended features such as working night aiming devices and torches for weapons which we have on our weapons as well as thermal devices for different vehicle remote weapon systems.
    Now this may all be for nothing how ever if the features of OA are not backwards compatible with Vanilla ArmA2 we wont be supporting it.
    While Chenarus and the Russian army do make a great island and opfor they are unlike any terrain the ADF is currently involved in. The opfor and island of Takistan are a much better representation of the Australias highest intensity conflict zone.
    We are not how ever going on hold like we did during ArmA1-ArmA2 period. During that time I personally was taking time out to learn a lot more about hi poly/lo poly modeling and next gen techniques. Despite saying we were on hold a few people liked to say we were dead. I think the difference in quality between the first F88 pack for ArmA1 and the Infantry weapons pack for arma2 shows that the time off was time well spent.
    For the time being heres a few shots of the ASLAV-25 with normal maps applied ready to be ported to o2(note the pioneer tools, jerry cans and such haven't been put on yet, I am making a special set of models which are basically vehicle props which can be used across all the vehicles we make) and a few WIP shots of the the hi poly Bushmaster IMV.

    8582-aslav25_01.jpg 8582-aslav25_02.jpg 8582-aslav25_03.jpg
    8582-bushmasterimv_01.jpg 8582-bushmasterimv_02.jpg 8582-f88sa2-2.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Alfetta Carabinieri Mod

    WhiteSharK[SGF].it released screenshots of his latest project: The Alfetta Carabinieri Mod.

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* ArmA 2 - French COS Units and Weapons

    Old Bear released some new screenshots showing the work that has been done on the female soldier.
    11657-fado1.jpg 11657-fado2.jpg
    11657-fado3.jpg 11657-fado4.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Ammo Carts

    EddyD released a new wip screen showing the work he has done on the addon.
    Qoute EddyD:
    Thanks to Myke i may use some his missles and bombs. I have also made a weapon loader , all still wip.


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* ArmA 2 - A2TS3

    NouberNou released a new wip screen and some info showing the he and his team have done on their A2TS3.
    Qoute NouberNou:
    Below is a signal test visualized for A2TS3. Brighter red is better signal, darker/fainter red is lower quality signal. This is signal quality data that is generated from a transmitter replicating a AN/PRC-119 to an AN/PRC-119. Samples are taken every 50 meters and form a point to point from the red dot on the airport runway to every sample point and determines the link quality via the A2TS3 algorithms. This is done in real time during game! This gives a general overview of what the radio quality simulation will be like. As you move from the brighter to darker/fainter areas your audio quality goes down, being more over taken by noise and distortion. If the transmitter is able to increase his output power he will be able to transmit further. The same applies if he goes higher and gains a better line of sight, or the reciever gets a better line of sight. In short our aim is to get radios that operate the same way as they do in real life.


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* ArmA 2 - Chernarus Electrical Grid (Script Pack and Addon)

    Loyalguard released a bunch of new information, video, and screens showing the status of his addon.
    Qoute Loyalguard:
    The Chernarus Electrical Grid (CEG) for Arma2 is the succesor to Sahrani Electrical Grids (SEG) for ArmA. All of the functionality of SEG has been ported to CEG plus much more! All scripts have been completely re-written to take advantage of scripting features unavailable at the time of SEG's release for A1 and now available in A2. The scope of the project is to simulate a working electrical grid for Chernarus modeled on existing map objects (no new objects/models). The simulation consists of two power plants that transmit power to various electrical substations throughout South Zagoria. The substations in turn distribute power locally to nearby cities, towns, and other areas. The simulation's core function is to monitor the integrity (damage and connections) of electrical grid components (power plants and substations) and interrupt "power" to affected areas when integrity is lost or diminished. Power interruptions cause street lamps to turn off (other light sources are unaffected).
    Features are:
      -2 power plants (Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk) with working smokestacks and power plant noises.
      -7 electrical substations that emit a transformer humming noise when energized.
      -Ability to interrupt power by destroying components or, if enabled by mission makers, by manually tripping circuit breakers via the action menu (if tripped, breakers can again be closed to restore power).
      -Mission makers can enable players to remotely logon to grid control software and substation video feeds via custom dialog.
      -Grid redundancy - if certain components go offline, power automatically switches to secondary circuits when available.
      -Built-in objective/task support via global/public variables.
      -Fully SP, MP, JIP, and persistent mission compatible. Each mode is optimized for minimal performance impact. JIP is self-contained and does not require onPlayerConnected code.
      -Extensive documenation for mission makers and players. Easy implementation into any mission.
      -Fully featured demo mission.
    11657-cegdialog.jpg 11657-cegvideo.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - ADO Tropica Island Addons

    dob released a screenshot showing one of his addons made for the ADO Tropica Island.

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* ArmA 2 - RobertHammer Addons

    RobertHammer released two new screenshots showing the work he has done on and M39-EMR, a M4 with ATACS Camo, and an Acog TA31RMR.
    11657-m4aw.jpg 11657-rmrh.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - A319 & A320

    Konyo released some new screens of the A319 & A320 mpa he is working on.
    Qoute Konyo:
    Hi all. Im working on porting this addon over to ArmA 2. I do have CheyenneAH56 permission to port it & release it if anyone is asking. My planned release date should be sometime next month, depending how quickly the work gets done, it shouldn’t be that long though. Things still left to do with this:
      - Rescue boat needs improving
      - A few new textures
      - Hopefully a fully working radar jammer script
      - AMA Airline (Civilian)
      - Signed Addon
      - And a few other bits
    11657-a320mpawip1.jpg 11657-a320mpawip2.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Generation Kill Mod

    EMERY released some new wip screens of the Baghdad Map.
    11657-gkm1.jpg 11657-gkm2.jpg
    11657-gkm3.jpg 11657-gkm4.jpg

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