Modernised Russian Naval Infantry (MORPEH) by Stagler updated
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colonel stagler released an updated version of his Modernised Russian Naval Infantry addon on the BI forums.

    Quote colonel stagler :
    This is v.2 of my Naval Infantry. They are completely new models from the old version, a seperate addon you might say. They also come in woodland and desert flavour now. Firstly id like to appologise as the classnames have all changed. Id also like to appologise because the Pilot, Commander, and BRDM2 have been removed from this new version. This new version has the new PASGT style Russian helmet and newer armoured vests. The Naval Infantry arent as well supplied as the motor rifle or VDV troops so they still retain some older equipment. That is why I chose to use the older vests and no digital flora camoflage pattern.
    I designed these to go alongside RHS BTR70. All vehicles in this new version share the same desert camo as the RHS BTR70.

    • Russian infantry with naval troop insignia addon with OA features like backpacks and TI.
    • Russian Mi8, Ural, and UAZ desert reskins.
    • New KSOR camouflage pattern.
    • Requires Operation Arrowhead.
    • Works with ACE 2 (They will be incorporated into ACE soon).
    • Works with any weapon replacement packs including Suddens AK74M pack.

Written on 2012-04-12 21:37 by stagler  

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