SP, Coop & TvT mission : JADE=*=WARS: War for Fuel by IceBreakr

IceBreakr has submitted a mission playable in SP, Coop and Team vs Team for the Jadegroove island.

Quote IceBreakr :
Jade Groove. Island inhabited with few survivors of the nuclear holocaust. Money got replaced by Fuel. He who owns the fuel owns the island. And your goal is to escape from it. Mercenaries landed one week ago with their C130 planes and took control of all oil pumps. Oil is now stored in trucks. Trucks that we need to secure and bring back to base. When we are powerful enough we need to attack Merc HQ and steal one of their fuel-dry C130s. And escape South where Tommorow-morrow is. Its
only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage that will survive.

Written on 2010-05-26 11:14 by IceBreakr  

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