WIP Report - Generation kill mod
Work in progress

ebanks and EMERY released some new screenshots showing the map for the Generation kill mod on our forums.

Qoute EMERY :
If all goes well we should have a beta release for all the GK mod on the weekend or beginning of next week.
The map is based on Baghdad and I like to call it the "Sakakah Al Jawf" of Arma 2 maps if anyone remember's this map they will remember that is was a good map tho just lacked n detail not saying our map dose not have detail its just because it is so big we had to spreed the detail out but we will be adding more detail as we update.
We have still yet to add any F.O.P's in the map but that is something we can work on this week.

So far the map has:
    - 1 air port
    - huge suburbs
    - large industrial complex
    - hotel strip
    - large park lands in the middle
    - river, 1 working bridge so far
    - custom objects swords of victory and the monument of the unknown solder

4-4641440294_be33310eac_b.jpg 4-4641440346_677cf5fc06_b.jpg 4-4641440556_c75c0141a2_b.jpg
4-4641440652_3961d6fcb6_b.jpg 4-arma22010-05-2612-03-24-27.jpg 4-arma22010-05-2612-05-47-11.jpg

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Generation kill mod WIP topic.

Written on 2010-05-26 18:58 by EMERY  

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