Author: Big Dawg KS
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Requirements: Community Base addons, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Beta patch

Version: 2.5
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This addon contains a few simple scripts that fix the simulation of bullets and missiles firing from the correct places on BIS vehicles.

Date: 2010-11-28 22:29

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BD MultiGunFix & BD TunguskaZeroing

Big Dawg KS

Description BD MultiGunFix:
Multiple Muzzles:
In ArmA 2 (prior to OA), there is no native support for multiple muzzle positions for vehicle weapons. This addon provides
a set of scripts both for existing BIS vehicles and for new addon vehicles that allows the proper simulation of multiple
muzzle/launch positions for any type of weapon.

As of Operation Arrowhead, the engine natively supports multiple muzzles (at least for bullet firing weapons), but this
addon is still compatable with those vehicles that use this new native feature, and can still be used for addons if
the native solution is not possible/preferable.

As of v2.0 of this addon, there is a new feature that allows weapons with multiple muzzle/launch positions to converge
on a single point at a given distance. This feature is present for ArmA 2 stand alone, but currently the range can not
be adjusted by the player. In Operation Arrowhead, this feature is tied to the native zeroing system; your rounds will
converge at the range at which you are currently zeroed. Note: some BIS vehicles that use convergence do not allow
zeroing. In this case, a fixed convergence range is used.

Those vehicles that do not currently use zeroing are the AH-6J and Tunguska, which converge by default at 400 and 500
meters respectively.

BIS Vehicles:
This addon contains a few simple scripts that fix the simulation of bullets and missiles firing from the correct places on BIS vehicles.
The following vehicles are effected:
  • ArmA 2 vehicles:
      - Mi-24 (all factions & varients)
      - ZU-23 (all factions)
      - Shilka (all factions)
      - Tunguska
      - Ural ZU-23 (all factions)
      - BRDM-2 ATGM (all factions)
      - Avenger HMMWV
      - BM-21 GRAD (all factions)
      - MLRS
      - Igla AA Pod
      - Stinger AA Pod
      - AH-1Z
      - AH-64
      - A-10
      - AV-8B
      - UH-1Y
      - BMP-3
      - Mi-8MTV
      - Ka-52 (both varients)
      - Su-25 (all factions & varients)
  • OA Vehicles (of those not included in Arma 2):
      - M2A2 Bradley
      - M2A3 Bradley
      - M6 Linebacker
      - Mi-171Sh (CZ)
      - AH-6J
      - L-39
      - Stryker (TOW)
  • BAF Vehicles:
      - Apache AH-1
      - Wildcat AH-11
All gun barrels, rocket and missile launchers are correctly simulated for these vehicles.

In addition, this addon includes a system that allows addon makers to easily enable multiple barrels/launch positions for new vehicles using
only model and config changes and little scripting knowledge.
How to use the system for new vehicles:
1. Create a memory point with a named selection in your model for each position you want the projectiles to be fired from
2. In the vehicle's config, define a class called BD_MultiGunFix
3. In class BD_MultiGunFix, you can define any number of 'weapon groups'. A weapon group is one set of guns or launchers that when fired,
the projectiles will be distributed among all the positions defined in that group. For example, if your vehicle has 4x30mm cannons and 2 missile
launchers, you would have a 30mm cannon group and a missile group. The groups are defined as classes
4. For each group class, define an array called 'weapons' and an array called 'positions'. The positions array contains all of the selection names
you defined in your model that you want this group to use, and the weapons array contains the classnames of all the weapons that will use
that set of positions.
5. The last step is to simply ensure that BD_MultiGunFix is installed and loaded when you start up ArmA 2. Using this system will not make
your addon require BD_MultiGunFix, rather when the user is running your addon while using BD_MultiGunFix the fix will be applied, and
if not your addon will function normally without the fix (with a limit of only 1 firing position per weapon type).
6. For more detailed info check the readme.

Expansion notes:
BD MultiGunFix v2.0 fully supports both Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. It does not require either, and will
work on Arma 2 stand alone, OA stand alone, or Arma 2: Combined Operations (Arma 2 + OA).
Note: some features/functionality will only be available in OA.

As of v2.5 however, this addon may not work in standalone Arma 2. See the requirements for details.

Multiplayer notes:
As of v1.4 this addon should be fully MP compatable. The addon need only be installed on the server, and the changes will be applied
for all clients. If the addon is not installed on the server, it will be disabled for all clients, regardless of whether they have it installed.

As of v2.0, full JIP compatability should also be present. The addon still need only be installed on the server, and must be installed on the server.

Description BD TunguskaZeroing:
This is a simple config edit that gives the 2S6M Tunguska to ability to use zeroing in Arma 2: Combined Operations.
The zeroing ranges are the same as on the ZSU-23-4 Shilka.

Since it makes config changes, it may not be compatable in MP.

Requires Operation Arrowhead & ArmA 2 (ArmA 2: CO).

Required Addons:

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Included .pbo files:


Credits & Thanks:
Big Dawg KS - scripts
oyman - testing
The D - testing

- reworked scripts to take advantage of changes to the fired EH with recent beta builds
* this should fix any remaining problems with "one sided" rockets
* this also makes use of 'originalMuzzleEnd' unneccessary
- improved method for detecting ammo count for weapons on any turret
- added BAF vehicles
* Apache AH1
* Wildcat AH11

- fixed possibility for Mi24 rockets to be incorrectly placed

-fixed script error

-added vehicles from OA
--Mi17 (CZ)
--Stryker (TOW)
-added feature: convergence
-added support for OA zeroing
-improved MP compatability
-additional config definitions for addons

-fixed minor script error
-reworked MP compatibility
-improved support for addons

- contains fixes for the weapons on all of the BIS aircraft
- addon makers can define multiple positions in their models and configs and a script to allow fired rounds/missiles/what-have-you to be distributed among these positions

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base addons
- ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead Beta patch build 74094 (or greater)

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