SP Mission: P-85 Lumberjack Hill by CimaleXXI

CimaleXXI has submitted a new single player mission for ArmA 2.

Quote CimaleXXI:
Summer 1985, In response of the soviet invasion of Sbrodj island, NATO launches a retaliatory strike against Podagorsk island in the Baltic sea. A couple of days ago a fierce battle have been fought in the island of Sbrodj, where british and Bundesheer troops have fought back succesfully a soviet armored battallion. NATO HQ have chosen to launch a retaliatory strike against the island of Podagorsk, in the Baltic Sea close the island of Sbrodj and under East German control. West German troops have already landed with the purpose to seek and destroy a radar installation, a radio beacon plus other East German army installations in the island. Unfortunately the strike have been poorly planned, with the result of the Bundesheer unit involved is lacking of logistic support and is actually pursued by superior enemy forces and targeted by artillery, well concealed on the top of the strategical Lumberjack Hill.

Written on 2010-06-02 13:06 by cimaleXXI  

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