SP Mission: P-85 Operation First Round by CimaleXXI

CimaleXXI has submitted a new single player mission for ArmA 2.

Qoute CimaleXXI:
This is the Firts mission of a fictional mini campaign called P85 Cold War Crisis that happened during the same period of Operation Flashpoint, but in the Baltic islands of Sbrodj and Podagorsk in fornt of the Poland coastline. Other missions like this will follow.

Summer 1985, during Warsaw pact exercises soviet units cross the border and seize Sbrodj island. British Paras of NATO RRF are called to intervene. You will have direct control over a platoon of british Paras called to intervene against a sudden invasion of Sbrodj island by Warsaw Pact forces. CAS will be carried out by a TOW armed Lynx, a US airborne platoon will reinforce the position during the second phase of the Ops. You have to defend a village of the Baltic island of Sbrodj.NATO HQ don't know if it's the beginning of an invasion and W.W.III, or worse, a deadly mistake of soviet planners.

Written on 2010-06-02 01:56 by cimaleXXI  

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