SP Mission: Operation Panther Rage by CimaleXXI

CimaleXXI has submitted a new single player mission for ArmA 2.

Qoute CimaleXXI:
A Slovenian special unit under NATO command is sent into battle. The target is seize the strategical base of Camp Noobia in Duala island. The Afrenian government forces allied with NATO and U.N. have been defeated by Molatian forces after a few months of bloody guerrilla. Today, after the succesful seize of minor offshore islands by NATO forces with a large scale airborne assault, NATO has established a stronghold, and started the second phase of the plan (according to a U.N. resolution voted despite russian and chinese veto), arming and renewing a more modern and better trained Regular Afrene army. Several land and air units will be participating in this attack that will be lead by elements of Slovenian 5th Reconnaissance and Intelligence Battalion while USMC SpecOps squads will shadow your moves during the entire operation.

Written on 2010-06-02 13:02 by cimaleXXI  

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