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Requirements: Community Base Addons (only required for Addon Version)

Version: 1.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included.

Short description: The Chernarus Electrical Grid simulates an electrical power grid throughout all of the South Zagoria Region of Chernarus.

Date: 2010-07-18 11:43

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CEG - Chernarus Electrical Grid

The Chernarus Electrical Grid (CEG) for Arma2 is the succesor to Sahrani Electrical Grids (SEG) for ArmA. All of the functionality of SEG has been ported to CEG plus much more! All scripts have been completely re-written to take advantage of scripting features unavailable at the time of SEG's release for A1 and now available in A2.

The scope of the project is to simulate a working electrical grid for Chernarus modeled on existing map objects (no new objects/models). The simulation consists of two power plants that transmit power to various electrical substations throughout South Zagoria. The substations in turn distribute power locally to nearby cities, towns, and other areas.

The simulation's core function is to monitor the integrity (damage and connections) of electrical grid components (power plants and substations) and interrupt "power" to affected areas when integrity is lost or diminished. Power interruptions cause street lamps to turn off (other light sources are unaffected).

-2 power plants (Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk) with working smokestacks and power plant noises.
-7 electrical substations that emit a transformer humming noise when energized.
-Ability to interrupt power by destroying components or, if enabled by mission makers, by manually tripping circuit breakers via the action menu (if tripped, breakers can again be closed to restore power). Manually switching circuit breakers could cause arc flash explosions if enabled by the mission maker.
-Mission makers can enable players to remotely logon to grid control software and substation video feeds via custom dialog.
-Grid redundancy - if certain components go offline, power automatically switches to secondary circuits when available.
-Built-in task/objective support via global/public variables (with examples).
-Fully SP, MP, JIP, and persistent mission compatible. Each mode is optimized for minimal performance impact. JIP is self-contained and does not require onPlayerConnected code.
-Extensive documenation for mission makers and players. Easy implementation into any mission.
-Fully featured demo missions (for addon and script version).
-Available in script only (no addons required) and addon versions. Addon version automatically adds CEG to any mission in Chernarus.

In-game usage:
There are three ways players can interact with the grids:

1. Destroy components to cut off power. A transformer object must be completely destroyed for power flowing through it to be cut off. The same principle goes for powerplant buildings. An object is completely destroyed when it disappears (or is replaced with rubble/ruins).

2. Players can also manually cutoff and restore power at by tripping and closing circuit breakers respectively. To cut off power, walk towards the center of the electrical panels near the large cube shaped transformers. When in the correct spot, you will see an action menu option to "Trip Circuit Breaker" or "Close Circuit Breaker". This option can be turned off by the mission maker.

3. If given the option by the mission maker, players can logon to the grid control system and monitor and control power remotely. Players can also access a close circuit television system to monitor substation activity. The grid control system has a point and click interface. If a circuit breaker is tripped or closed as described above, it can be changed back again via the control system (and vise versa).

4. Portions of the grid are redundant in case certain components are offline.

5. There are components on the map that are inactive because they are not connected to the grid. For example the transformer in Solnichniy at Grid 132/90 and the northernmost transformer in the Berezino substation. These were not included in the simulation because the transmission lines connecting them to other nodes are not intact. Additionally, none of the transmission towers (pylons), transmission lines, or small power poles are monitored for damage because there are far too many to reasonably track.

6. For additional guidance a visual guide is available for download with detailed images and diagrams documenting different grid features.

A. Addon Version (Mission Makers and Players):
To install and load the addon version of CEG, place the @CEG folder in your ArmA2 directory. Add @CEG in your startup parameters as well. Also ensure that @CBA is installed.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation how to use modfolders.

B. Script Version:
There is no player action required for the script version of CEG. Additional mission maker instructions can be found in missionmaker.txt.

Please note since version 1.0 there is a new server key.
The previous version will only work for the beta. For 1.0 (and subsequent releases), please use the new included key: CEG.bikey. CEG itself is only 500KB. Download is 1.2 MB because it has script, addon, and demo mission in one package.

Included .pbo files:
CEG.pbo (only in Addon version)

Download the visual guide from here.


Developer notes:
After over three months of coding and testing, I am happy to announce the general release for CEG and am sincerely appreciative to everyone at OFPEC, Dev Heaven, and here on the BIF whose either direct input or previous work has allowed me to bring my electrical grid simulation to Arma2. The beta testing thread is at OFPEC. In the near future I will announce possible additional features. I am also soliciting suggestions for new features.

Credits & thanks:
The developer would like to thank the staff and regular contributors at OFPEC and Dev-Heaven for their enormous help and guidance and in particular these individuals (in no particular order and please pardon if anyone was accidentally omitted):

-NEW: Added mission maker option to add arc flash explosion (randomly or deliberately).
-FIXED: Corrected code that might cause clients connecting to multiplayer host servers not to experience same effects as host.
-CHANGED: Ensured that if mission script and addon versions were both present that the mission script version would be used instead of addon version to ensure backward compatibility.
-CHANGED: Mission script version is now initialized by editor unit init line (e.g. game logic) instead of from the init.sqf to ensure priority over addon version.
-ADDED: Added a seperate demo mission just for the addon version. Demo for mission script version renamed to avoid confusion.
-ADDED: Added a custom game logic that when placed in the editor by the mission maker adds CEG as a required addon for the mission.
-IMPROVED: Optimized smoke stack particle code.
-UPDATED: readme.txt and missionmaker.txt

-IMPROVED: Easier to find "Trip" and "Close" Circuit Breaker action menu items when near substation transformers by increasing the activation radius.
-IMPROVED: Added a world name check to make sure CEG is only activated for missions on Chernarus.
-IMPROVED: Power plants no longer emit circuit breaker opening and closing sounds.
-ADDED: Added mission maker option to require password to access grid control system.
-ADDED: Mission maker option to allow CCTV system to use nightvision during non-daylight hours (time customizable).
-UPDATED: readme.txt and missionmaker.txt

v0.9.6 Beta
-FIXED: Smokestacks no longer continue to emit smoke when destroyed.
-IMPROVED: Size of sounds reduced to create a smaller download/install package.
-IMPROVED: Adjusted plant noise sound levels to be more easily heard when outside a power plant.
-IMPROVED: More realistic sounds of large substation circuit breakers tripping (opening) and closing.
-IMPROVED: Circuit breaker closing sound no longer plays at mission start.
-UPDATED: readme.txt and missionmaker.txt

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base Addons* (*Only required for the addon version)

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