Domination Tactical Guide available.

[KH]Pauld informed us DaOarge has written a tactical guide for Xeno’s Domination.

Quote DaOarge :
Domination is one of the most popular Arma2 missions played on public servers these days,
but most of the time people are playing this mission less tactically than maybe other missions. This
usually ends up that everyone is fighting on its own, neglecting the fact that Arma2 is focusing on
team play.
In this document you will find some information and ideas about what is needed to play Domination
a little more sophisticated compared to what’s happening at average public servers. This guideline
should be used as some kind of manual for Mission Commanders and Squad Leaders to develop their
own tactics and procedures.
Of course all of the information in this document cannot be considered as the final truth carved in
stone, you rather consider this information as ideas, suggestions for getting even more fun out of this
mission. Any ideas, suggestions, questions and feedback are more than welcome – please use the
contact link at the end of this document.

Domination Tactical Guide (right click, "save as")

Written on 2010-06-06 18:01 by Foxhound  

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