Week report #134
Work in progress

* ArmA 2 - FDF mod

    Norsu released couple screenshots showing Finnish Jaegers.
    Quote Norsu:
    M05 Jaegers for the first release:
    They are pretty much done, though officer's beret will get a facelift. There were plans for more accessories like decorative backpacks etc. but sometimes you have to make some sacrifices

    8582-m05_jaegers1.jpg 8582-m05_jaegers2.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - AS-4 Kitchen and Exocet AM39 Anti ship missiles

    Myke released screenshots showing his anti ship missiles.
    8582-as4displaydia.jpg 8582-as4displaydia2.jpg 8582-am39.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Project RACS

    Darkhorse 1-6 released new screenshots showing the RACS vehicles.
    8582-racstanks1.jpg 8582-racstanks2.jpg
    8582-racstanks3.jpg 8582-racstanks4.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Vietnam the Experience

    Takko released screenshots of the M114 he has made for the mod.
    Quote Takko:
    Entry 10

    Artillery is fine-until they wanna get mine!

    Its true-there had been a little idling on the projects but we're back!
    Believe me when I say the road to release is not too far away-the most of it is already over.

    M114 Artillery
    Watching intel. We received a new piece of artillery yesterday, the M114. In my intel paper it appears white
    but in reality its fully textured already. Hooah.

    8582-vte15rrr.png 8582-vte2er7w.png

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* ArmA 2 - The Unsung Mod

    SGT_SAVAGE released a video showing the mod in ArmA 2. Also Warrior X™ released a few screens of the traps in The Unsung Mod showing the traps.
    Quote SGT_SAVAGE:
    Ok I made a quick WIP video for all you nam nuts..regarding the sounds they haven't all been plugged as yet.
    Quick sit-rep :
    We nearly finished moving everything over to arma 2 the proper way, not a quick n nasty port from A1

    We had a few issues with our veg but the boss man CJ525 is working on that....Old PGI is running round like mother goose tying up all the loose ends, CSJ is still plodding along converting all the military hardware over... Also I'm happy to report ANZACSAS Steve has join our team which is speeding up our config issues being sorted.
    Yes its a scene of much action over here so stay tuned.....

    4-arma22010052622234465.png 4-arma22010052920251245.png 4-arma22010053114261405.png 4-arma22010053114295858.png

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* ArmA 2 - Anzac Mod WIP

    NZDF CRASH released a new video showing off the mod in a mission.

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* ArmA 2 - Generic SWAT Units

    Eki released some new screens showing the work he has done on his SWAT Units.
    Qoute Eki:
    Generic SWAT. Still very much a WIP. Need to change the helmet and add some identification patches.

    11657-swat1.jpg 11657-swat2.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Sti UH-60L

    Stiltman released some new screens showing the work he has done on a Medevac H-60 version of his helicopters.
    Qoute Stiltman:
    Well, just for the fun of it i started on a small medevac H-60. Not accurate modelwise anywhere probably, but something for those rescue missions atleast. I cleaned out the seating, added 4 stretchers for wounded and 1 seat for medic in the back. It doesn't look awesome with my lack of skills, but its something atleast.

    11657-medevac1_small.jpg 11657-medevac2_small.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Crysis Units

    McRuppert released some new screens showing the work he has done with Baraka on a nano-suit from Crysis.
    Qoute McRuppert:
    Baraka and myself are working on the nanosuit from the moment there is only the unit ingame but weapon and scripts for the suit will be added.

    11657-crysis1.jpg 11657-crysis4.jpg
    11657-crysis2.jpg 11657-crysis3.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - RobbertHammer M4 Desert Camo

    RobertHammer released some new screens showing the work he has done on a desert M4 camo variant.
    Qoute RobertHammer:
    Making Desert "used" camo WIP (mainly for OA)

    11657-m4dc1.jpg 11657-m4dc2.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - CSLA Studios

    Maa released a few new screens of the AFMC units.
    11657-afmc1.jpg 11657-afmc15.jpg
    11657-afmc2.jpg 11657-afmc3.jpg 11657-afmc4.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Iranian Connection Mini Campaign for ACE2 and Iranian Mod

    cimalex released a news article and screens showing the what he has done for his new campaign.
    Qoute cimalex:
    AAN Breaking news coming from the Strait of Hormuz! Yesterday the islamic republic iranian navy and the air force have a started military exercise in the Strait of Hormuz sending part of the fleet from the naval base of Bandar Abbas. A destroyer (D-76 Jamaran) and a frigate (F-73 Sabalan) together with a supply vessel (Replenishment vessel Kharg) and a corvette (F-82 Admiral Naghdi) have left Bandar Abbas cruising towards the Quesh Kibrul islands and violating repeatetly their territorial waters. Quesh Kibrul is a tiny archipelago just in the middle of the Strait of Hormuz, once a France protectorate, its soveireignity have been disputed between Oman and U.A.E. Both the reigns have had ties with the islands from centuries, and in recent times the islands have gained indipendence despite the claims of the islamic republic of Iran and Oman. US NATO and Australia keep a garrison in the islands of the size of a battallion since the first Gulf war with the purpose of monitoring the potentially aggressive moves of the iranian navy despite its relatively modest potential. Nevertheless, with its ability to affect the transport of oil through the Strait of Hormuz it has the potential to disrupt the world economy.

    Further disturbing news coming from the island of Quesh-Kibrul, Strait of Hormuz, the Persian Gulf.
    The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) said they had shot down an unmanned MQ-9 Predator within its airspace.
    Yesterday during naval maneuvers in the Strait of Hormuz, an Iranian F-14 fighters took off from the IRIAF base of Bandar Abbas to intercept an intruder penetrated into Iranian airspace, at about 14:15 the aircraft, a Predator UAV was shot down within Iranian territorial waters. It was shown a picture of the moment of interception of the unmanned aircraft from the IRIAF F-14 cockpit. Again there was no statement from the Pentagon, but unofficial sources believe that in fact the unmanned aircraft was flying over international waters during a US monitoring mission of the Iranian naval maneuvers.
    Meanwhile the Iranian exercise called "Al-Faw 2010" continues with the addition of a further frigate and two Kilo class submarines. Both the Pentagon and NATO for the moment do not seem willing to increase their military presence on the island.

    11657-aan_news_gulf_01.jpg 11657-quesh_kibrul_map.jpg
    11657-aan_news_gulf_02.jpg 11657-aan_news_gulf_03.jpg

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* ArmA 2 - Iranian Forces Mod

    YorT released screenshots of the 23rd Commando Division.
    8582-23rd1.jpg 8582-23rd2.jpg

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