Author: deanosbeano
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Requirements: MBG Caterpillars, Arma 2

Version: beta
Signed: No

Short description: The World Can Change!

Date: 2011-05-10 12:34

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This addon is the acumalation of work by Spooner and Deanos Beano in Armed Assault 1 and subsequently DeanosBeano in Arma 2.

Please respect that i havent spent much time on this since the old days of Arma1 , I am very BUSY with Project reality and like to take a break on this fun little thing and thought I would share with you all.

Installation / Usage:
1 extract the dbo_terra.7z to your desktop.
2 extract the Mission.dyna.7z to your arma2 missions folder
3 extract the @DBO/addons.7z to your chosen destination in arma2 , please do not extract to arma2\ addons root folder.
4.extract the usercnfig.7z to your arma2/userconfig folder (simple key bind to dig terrain feel free to alter )

Once ingame there are a couple of things :
FPS savers:
1. you will not need your terrain setting above LOW because you will not be using BIS terrain.
2. Your view distance does not need to be above 500 meters

Terrain manipulation:
1. once in game wait 5 seconds until the terrain is drawn and you are placed on the land
2. press Page up to make terrain rise
3. press page down for terrain to lower
4. when driving the Bulldozer (great job mondkalb btw) when the blade is lowered the terrain will be manipulated ,when raised it will drive as normal.
5. when ffiring a hole/ crater will appear in the terrain , this is based on the Hit factor of the ammo.

It comes with a mission as a demo version. Extract the folder to your ArmA2\other Profiles\Yournick\Missions and load it in the editor.

Included .pbo files:

Looking for people interested to help:
Due to my massive commitments elsewhere I am looking for a partner in crime to help me realise this addon to its fullest in a way I havent mentioned yet.
I am hoping to use this as aplatform for terrain makers to manipulate terrain in the editor and export using the Diag_log command the Vertices height in a format of the XYZ , I think this in conjunction with a simple 3d editor would be nice way yo make finite changes and thus detailed changes to maps before Visitor spits them out, some if not all of this can be done invisitor but alas you cant drive and test things without having to binarise etc first , this new way should make the map making time more worthwhile.

Any interests with history of arma/ruby/ or similar workflow achievements pls pm me here.


Old version:

Please post all feedback and questions in the Armaholic addon thread.
Thanks for trying and have fun
I can be contacted at armaholic by PM if you think you have the time and know how to take this further I dont have time.

Credits & thanks:
Big Thanks to Spooner (sorry about leaving uness code in i dont have time to eliminate ) and Mondkalb for his great Bulldozer.

By downlaoding this Addon you accept that if this addon blows up your pc or affects it in any way that may cause it harm , the authors of this addon accept no responsibnility.

All rights are reserved to all people invovled in the making of this addon and under no circumsatnces shoud this addon be used for anything other than within the game Arma 2

Strictly no commercial or military use allowed.

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