SP & Coop mission : DamBusters by Rough Knight
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Rough Knight released this mission which can be played in Singleplayer and Coop in the BI forums.

Quote Rough Knight :
A reconnaissance plane has been shot down near Podeba Dam. Intel suggests that insurgents have captured the Pilot even though he managed to eject to safety. Our forces have quickly set up roadblocks on all arteries out of the North Eastern sector of the island, hopefully this will deter the insurgents from trying to move our pilot too far away. We need to firstly locate the hostage, then free and extract him to safety.

The primary objective of the reconnaissance was to photograph evidence of suspected insurgent activity around the Dam. It is feared the local Militia have acquired chemicals with which they intend to contaminate the local water supply. They know this would create a massive burden for US peace force whose resouces are already stretched to the limit. We must find their cache of chemicals and destroy it before it used to contaminate the dam.

Reconnaissance has been hampered by Anti-Air installations around the north-eastern airfield. UAV support will be available once these AA instalations have been destroyed to aid in locating our objectives. Until recently, insurgents have had limited ammunition for their AA weapons, but it seems they have climbed into bed with a more reliable supplier.

Written on 2010-06-10 09:40 by Rough Knight  

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