CWR² Mod looking for beta testers
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W0lle informed us that the CWR² Mod team is looking for beta testers for their infantry weapons.

Quote W0lle :
We need two, max. three reliable beta testers for our infantry weapons. In order to make this quick (because I don't have much time) applicants should meet below requirements:[list* - You know what a rifle is, how it works and you should have fired them already (airsoft and paintball doesn't count). Also no self-proclaimed experts (I seen in a youtube video that...)
* - You are able to write detailed bug reports in a decent English so I don't must decrypt them first. No 'u must ch4ng3 ak47 firemode 2 full,single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
* - A dev-heaven account is required. You should be familiar with the ticket system there.
* - Discretion and confidentiality is required though this should be a matter of course.
* - You have already participated in a beta test before (optional).
* - Basic knowledge about the mission editor (optional).
* - Willingness to test even though Operation Arrowhead is just a couple of days away. If you're trying to apply just to get the models, forget about it. No external CWR² beta tester will ever see a single MLOD model.

Please send your applications either by PM or by email ( We will not decide on a first come, first serve basis. All applicants which are not accepted now will go on our beta tester list and are invited again when there is more to test.

Written on 2010-06-11 16:51 by CWR2 PR  

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