Mission pack : Revolution by Arigato
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Arigato released two singleplayer missions from Russian community in the BI forums. It contains English and Russian versions.

Quote Arigato :
Revolution in Chernorussia: You play as a guest worker from Takistan arrived in Chernorussia on earnings. However, Chernorussia and its citizens work almost never find a country on the verge of revolution. It remains to be learned from this situation, the maximum benefit for themselves and earn a revolutionary mood of the population.

Revolution in Chernorussia: a retaliatory move: Chernorussian President doing everything possible to end the country's deep crisis that was triggered by the previous government. However, people do not believe anyone has any and willing to seize power by force. You play as one of the guards the president, his life and stability of the state in your hands!

Written on 2010-06-12 06:16 by Big  

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