WIP report - Cruiser Tank Mk.IV Cromwell A27M
Work in progress

Gurk has informed the community about the direction this mod has taken in the our forums.

3-cromwell2.jpg 3-cromwell3.jpg

Quote Gurk :
After a long break from modelling for reasons even unknown to myself i've started easing myself back into things, and am going to finish this off, I do not think this will be for ArmA anymore and for ArmA 2 instead! Hope you like the pictures, still need to do a lot to this and redo a few things, but its coming on... slowly, but surely! Maybe finished by 2011

Read more and leave your feedback in the Cruiser Tank Mk.IV Cromwell A27M topic.

Written on 2010-06-12 06:40 by Gurk  

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