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Version: 1.3

Short description: Dedicated Server - Arma 2 Management Tool

Date: 2010-06-12 07:51

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[HC] Server Management Tool

Dedicated Server - Arma 2 Management Tool featuring:
    - Management of 3 running servers, and unlimited configs
    - Detection and automatic restart upon crash
    - Shutdown & Update function for Sixupdater managed servers
1. Unpack to desktop
2. Run "Havoc Server Manager.exe"

1. The program comes with example configs, simply change the directories and mod lines to suit your needs.

2. Shutdown + Update currently has issues, this is to do with the way SixUpdater passes arguments to the Ruby.exe which is currently being worked on.

For a workaround, you could simply do the following:
    1. Enter Server Management
    2. Erase the SixPath and SixModline text boxes
    3. Enter the path to the SixUpdater Console SHORTCUT E.G (C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Six Updater - Console)
    4. Leave SixModline blank
    4. I suggest you remove the --wait from the shortcut command line, this allows it to close by itself.
Known issues:
1. The dropdown boxes reset when new servers are added, not a huge issue but may annoy some users!

1. This tool is intended for DEDICATED SERVERS only (Programmed for use on Windows 2003, but should work with most OS)
2. This tool should NOT be decompiled and edited without the authors permission

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- BI forums

- .NET Framework 4

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