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Requirements: Pedagne Mod, Chernarussian Red Army troops
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2010-06-12 10:44

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Pedagne Mod Mini-Mission Pack 1

he first three missions are set up in Chernarus after that Harvest Red have failed, and the USMC are forced to retreat.
Lopotev takes control of most part of the Chernarussian territory and makes up a totalitarian regime with its bases in the CRA (Chernarussian Red Army) natural evolution of the Chedackys better trained and armed by the Russian federation.

The Lopotev regime fails in the pacification of the territory and a sporadic but bloody guerrilla flashes between the new official chernarussian state on one side, and former CDF elements allied with NAPA on the other.
U.N. assembly vote a resolution against the Lopotev regime to solve the tense situation once and for all and send NATO forcing the CRA to retreat from Chernarus by military force.

1 – Operation Fire Storm: Several NATO countries are giving their contribution to the main mission named as “Operation Red Harvest II”, the Italian assault Paracommandos of 9th Rgt Col Moschin (Special Forces) are sent to take control of the Utes airstrip with the purpose to prepare a FOB for future operations.

2 – Joint Operations: After the successful invasion of Utes island, NATO launches a massive strike to the southern part of Chernarus, involving French, US and british armoured to the south-west, and Italian, Spanish and US airborne and mountain units to the south-east.
Italians are called to take control of Krasnostav and nearby airstrip with their alpine troops and paratroopers.
3 – Red Dawn: Some months after the conventional war is over, but with the increasing of anti-guerrilla and peacekeeping operations especially in the northern side of chernarus, close the RF borders.
This time the alpine troops are called to defend a volatile chernarus border line against bitter ender chedackys supported by several Russian troops commanded by mutiny Russian high rank officers.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

- Chernarussian Red Army troops
- Pedagne Mod
- Pedagne Mod Fix

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