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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included.

Short description: It adds the IL-76 plane to your game

Date: 2010-06-12 12:52

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Wings of Russia - IL-76
Studio Sarmat

As a result of a bureau works on the improvement of IL-76 and IL-76T was a modified aircraft - the long-range transport of IL-76TD, which started cargo operations in 1982
(First flight - May 5, 1982) Compared with the Il-76T it has significantly better performance by increasing the maximum takeoff weight from 170 to 190 ... 210 m, maximum
payload from 47 to 50 tons and practical flight range with higher maximum load. With the increase in maximum takeoff weight and payload, as well as
to increase the resource held to strengthen the construction of the wing, fuselage and landing gear.

The airplane is the improved D-30KP (series 2) to ensure preservation of maximum takeoff thrust 11 760 daN (12,000 kg) at higher ambient temperatures.

Introduction of the developed research institute and GA EDO techniques takeoff allows IL-76TD with increased takeoff weight used on the same runways as the Il-76T, and improved
fuel efficiency provides increased volume of freight traffic with the consumption of the same amount of fuel.

In the pack you can find:
    - IL-76TD Aeroflot
    - IL-76TD Ministry of Emergency Measures
    - IL-76TD loaded
- The crew of 6 people
- Variant IL-76TD initially carrying 30 paratroopers on board and BTR-90.
- The universal system of freight (double enclosure in the script)
- Accidental damage to the engine
- Booster sisetmu (userkey18)
- Brake System (userkey19)
- RKSL LTTS (userkey20)
- Mechanization of the wing
- Real numbers boards IL-76TD Aeroflot
- A voice warning system faults
- Fully animated working panel with calibrated sensors speed, altitude, horizon, and so on.;
- Adequate lighting devices night
- Opening the door and descend stairs
- Trail of smoke from the engine and under braking from the chassis
- The sound of landing and many other pleasant things

As we always recommend use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Model of IL-76 3ds - Sergei Varnafskii (
Refinement of the model and the creation of the cab - Citizensnip
Sources textures - Sergei Varnavsky
Modification and creation of new textures - Citizensnip
Premises lody - Citizensnip
Configure - Citizensnip, Mukcep
Scripts - Mukcep
Testing - SARMAT

The entire team Studios Sarmat - for help in testing and catching bugs
Kronsky ( - script landing parachute technique
RKSL Studios ( - scripts LTTS; community based addons
Sounds warning system - game MiG-29 (NovaLogic)
Iamtorch - for their assistance and the creation of video commercials
Zenger - for their assistance and the creation of screenshots
Loktew [SMERSH] - for help in creating addon
Gms - for numerous consultations
Wass - for numerous consultations
DPS - for the original promise of attachto (and I still made universally)
Gnat - a vapor trail (like a B-52)
Mapfact - the idea of damage to the engine (their An-12 me on these thoughts have brought)

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- BI forums

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