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Requirements: African Foliage, Arma 2

Version: 0.9 Beta
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Tropica is a medium size island, 17 km x 13 km, located in the Mozambique channel, East of the Africa coast.

Date: 2011-07-27 00:28

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[ADO] Tropica

Old Bear

Tropica is a medium size island, 17 km x 13 km, located in the Mozambique channel, East of the Africa coast.
Most of the island is covered with dry savana, but in two large basins, some mangroves and tropical forest are to be found along coastal river beds more or less flooded by brackish water as the fresh water left by huge seasonal rain-pours evaporated.
The underground of Tropica is known to be rich in natural resources, from diamonds to gas and oil.
This island having been discovered by Portuguese sailors, then Spanish kingdom has conquered it, to be ousted by Great Britain and France. The agreement between these last ones leading to France remaining the last owner is unclear.
In the 70' during the decolonization era, North Tropica was ruled by a short lived Democratic People Republic of Tropica with a lot of help from Soviet Union, the only visible remain of that era is the long concrete runway built near Banga as an emergency landing site for Buran soviet shuttle.
The French are still holding an air base : BA96, on "ile du Corsaire".
The population of Tropica is a mix of peoples from different African areas as well as natives and Europeans.
The local government formally elected a 99% is in fact held by CEMTEX and TNT, two major companies looking after Tropica underground resources.
They are more or less blatantly fighting to gain control of all the riches using private militias to do so.

Towns and villages:
* 2 main towns : Tropicaville and Banga
* 5 towns : Palmera, Toba and Bangataba, Ghaho and Djoba
* many hamlets along the few dirt tracks
* a dozen of huts villages in Gha and Djo basins.

Airports and airstrips
* one main air base BA96 on ile du Corsaire
* one air base on Swatisland Island near Banga
* one dirt strip near Djoba
* one dirt strip near Ghaho

Extraction facilies
* CEMTEX oil rig near Tropicaville
* TNT quarry near Banga

Note about tropica_objets : this needed addon is still work in progress, some feature are missing and some need some more work.
At the moment the object icons are not showing on the in-game map, it will be one of the next release features.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

Credits & thanks:
Kju for his help,
Berghoff for his great African Foliage addon,
Rocket for his MaskMapper tool,
Homer Johnston for his Road Painter tool,
Gutm@sher for his help,and for Warfare and Frontline missions ports on the map,
[ADO] dob for the Tropica_objets addon content,
[ADO] GMC for his work and help on various issues on the map,
[ADO] Floosy for his work and help on buildings placement and oil rig,
All the Clan [ADO], my game team mates for their help looking for bugs and for their support.
And of course BIS for releasing such a great game.

v0.9 beta
- Enhanced v2 bisign
- Added Intro based on W0lle design
- Modified coordinates system

- Binarized with African Foliage addon last version
- Missing tropica_objets.pbo added to archive
- Modified coordinates system, now using numbers on 3 digits.

v0.82 beta
- Config enhancement
- Main airfields enhancements, AI friendly now
- Added "Villa" to Tropicaville heights

v0.81 beta
- Added OA building in place of ArmA2 buidings ,
- Added OA objects,
- Removed from the map a big green bush model allowing AI to fire through without been seen,
- Modified ground texture to fit better OA building,
- Modified config.
- Removed a misplaced palm trees and bushes heap .
The needed Tropica_objets is still WIP, the config has been enhanced but is still unfinished.

v0.6 beta
- this version is using a new Berghoff African foliage addon: brg_africa_1.20.
- 2 existing villages extented, 2 villages created :Cruce et Tres caminos, a ruined village and a disused base created in the middle of the island.
- a new North-South dirt track created,
- shortcuts created through the mangroves and through some fences in order to help IA movements.

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