Mission pack : fArmA 2 Minigames by Royal-Killer

Royal-Killer released this singleplayer mission-pack in the BI forums.

Quote Royal-Killer :
The bonus mission is a Rick-Roll and will be deleted in the next version!
As said on the April fools joke:

"4 wolrd exclusive target screenshots attached.
Note that these screenshots are heavily edited, retouched and the finished game will look much much worse on your computer"

And this is the result. This minigames doesn’t require any modification, neither addons or another stuff.
Version 1.0:
This version contains 4 mini-games and a bonus mission.
All minigames are simple and are meant to be a “Singleplayer random fun” minigames.
More minigames will be released soon.

Written on 2010-06-20 19:32 by Big  

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