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Date: 2009-01-04 17:56

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UPS with respawning non-playable AI

These scripts combined give editors the option of creating AI patrol areas that will be repopulated once all the units of the patrolling group have been killed. In practice this means that groups of foot soldiers will start patrol. As units within the patrolling group are killed the remaining group members continue their patrol. While this happens the dead group members respawn back at base and wait until the entire patrol is killed and respawns before heading off on patrol again. For vehicles and crews once the vehicle is destroyed it respawns and then is fully recrewed before heading out on patrol.

These scripts require the use of Kronzky's Fantastic Urban Patrol script, see: for more details

Note: you will also need to check out the instructions for using Kronzky's code that are available here.

The implementation notes for the script can be found in the respawnAI_UPS_readMe.txt in the rar file.
Please see the attached test mission for an example of the scripts usage.

Let me start by saying that none of this would be possible without Kronzky's amazing urban patrol script. All I've done is link the UPS script to some scripts of my own that allow respawning of non-playable AI groups either vehicle or foot based. This was the idea of and done on the request of one of the forum members Deth Stryker.

Known issues:
* If the editor designated leader of the group foot soldiers is killed the next unit becomes leader eg B and the patrol continues. However if the original leader respawns and then B is killed the AI units will make their way back to pick up the original leader again.
*in the built in weapon respawn script in the respawn_AI_foot respawn_AI_veh if more than one player dies at the same instant there can be some mix ups concerning what the units should be carrying.

- Initial release

- specify how often you want the units to respawn
- made some minor changes to several of the scripts

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