SP & Coop mission : No Rest For Team Razor by Wiggum

Wiggum released a new mission in the BI forums, which can be played in singleplayer and coop.

Quote Wiggum :
This is a small but fun hostage rescue mission, you should be able to finish it in 30min. There are not many enemies, but if you use bad-tactics they will put up a good resistance.
And if they spot you they will maybe kill the hostage, so dont rush !
The idea to this mission is from the first mission of the Harvest Red campaign.

I tested the mission many times in SP but if you play it in MP, please understand that maybe there are some errors.
It is not easy to make a mission 100% MP compatible. So if you think something is not working in MP, please tell me what so i can fix it

Written on 2010-06-25 15:20 by Big  

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