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Version: 1.01
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Short description: This weapon model was created by a very talented chap called 'OOPz', who approached UKF to see if it would be possible for us to help realise his ambition of recreating this magnificent rifle in ArmA 2.

Date: 2010-07-31 05:55

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P:UKF Team

This weapon model was created by a very talented chap called 'OOPz', who approached UKF to see if it would be possible for us to help realise his ambition of recreating this magnificent rifle in ArmA 2. Collectively, OOPz and UKF have spent the past couple of months working on the model, textures and materials, as well as configuring the addon, to reflect the capabilities of the real rifle as close as we possibly can.

You can seen how the model has progressed at OOPz's website, along with a number of his other projects.

This addon contains six variants of the rifle, in three different colour schemes, each with suppressed and unsuppressed versions. It features a reticle pattern for the rifle's Schmidt & Bender 5-25X56 scope, that is not only authentic to the one used by British Forces, but can also be used to accurately estimate the distance to targets in ArmA 2. Used in conjunction with the provided ballistics tables for ACE 2 or GMJ Sight Adjustment systems, the addon can deliver accurate fire out to 1500m and beyond. With practise, maybe you'll be able to match Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison's spectacular, record-breaking 2475 meter shotwith the rifle.

The addon also incorporates a script to fold and deploy the weapon's bipod by pressing the 'H-key'. These scripts were provided by norrin, and will feature prominently in the future UKF Weapons pack, as they do in the AAW weapon pack where they originated.

As always we recommend use modfolders, check our FAQ to see how to do it.

Included files:

This is NOT an official addon. Use at your own risk. Do not blame BIS, or P:UKF for any damage caused to your PC. You know the drill.

You are permitted to install and use this addon for personal entertainment purposes only. Any commercial, military or educational use is strictly forbidden without permission from the author. This addon is for use within Armed Assault 2. Use within the VBS simulation series is strictly forbidden.

You are free to distribute this addon as you wish, as long as it is kept 100% free of charge, it is not modified in any way and this readme file is distributed with it. If you wish to modify this addon, please contact P:UKF at . If you do not gain permission first, before using any of Project: UKF's material, it will be classed as theft and regarded as such. By instaling this addon you agree to abide by these conditions. Modification for "Personal use" is also forbidden without permission from the author.

Known bugs and issues:
Currently, the weapon does not have a proper bolt-cycling animation. The UKF dev team tried very hard to add one with the kind assistance of TeRp, but the results were unsatisfactory.

If anybody could assist in writing a model.cfg that will result in a nice, smooth bolt action we would gladly accept your help.

- Added Bolt Animation

- Initial Release

Credits and thanks:
Models: OOPz
Textures: OOPz, da12thmonkey (UKF)
CPP Programming: da12thMonkey (UKF)
Sounds: Messiah (UKF), da12thMonkey (UKF)
Hand anims: da12thMonkey (UKF)
Model.cfg: TeRp (BWMOD)
Testing and bug fixing: OOPz, UKF team, VOLCBAT
bipod folding script: norrin (AAW)
ACE 2 sight adjustment
calibration: Q1184 (ACE)
Special Thanks: Jonny (UKF),
Rock (RKSL Studios),
Gordo (Accuracy International),
Tony Hoare (Plain Military),
Australians At War mod team,
ACE 2 mod team
Thanks to Volw from VOLCBAT for providing us with the accompanying release images

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