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Requirements: No required addons (Optional: FDF Podagorsk, Celle, Bundeswehr Mod & HEXAgon French Characters & Weapons pack)
Island(s): Chernarus, Utes, Podagorsk, Celle, Takistan
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Version: v07-11-2010

Date: 2010-07-12 07:07

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Frontline - Frontsector - SP

'Frontline' mission is a battalion sized conflict where players may 'Group Coop' as separate squad leaders.

Respawn is basically 'BASE' but as long as a player have ai in the team within 500m one of them will be replaced by the player. Once the team is depleted respawn is back at base where player may request a new fireteam at the barrack.

Rifle platoons will be tasked with assault/defend of towns while HQ platoons controls the battalion assets such as Mortar, Artillery and Airsupport.

Medical and Maintenance Support is available at the Battalion HQ Base and outside towns where setup by the Battalion CO. Take note of the closest one as 'Medical Chain' is implemented.

Being a warfare sized mission this time you need to fight with what you have, no building new vehicles nor grabbing goodies from ammoboxes. All you get is at best a new fireteam from base barracks (free of charge though).

Singleplayer set contains USMC, Russian, Chedaki, CDF, German and French Company Commander versions where player may switch to preferred role using teamswitch.

'Frontsector' mission is a company sized conflict based on 'Frontline' and runs over 8 random locations - suitable for less CPU strong machines.

Missionfiles are included in Frontline mission packs.

Battalion Commander
The Battalion CO directs all rifle platoons in both companies and the seperate recon, heavy weapons and tank platoons (originally for BIS HighCommand, platoon orders are now automated).
Battalion assets include light artillery and airsupport both requested via the Map Menu.
When Battalion CO arrives in a town a 'Medic and Maintenance' Base will be setup.

Company Commander
Company CO's may support it's rifle platoons with a mortar battery. Upon entering a town the CO may reallocate the mortar battery using the Map Menu.

Heavy Weapons
Vehicles in Heavy Weapons platoons have static weapons such as AGS/Mk19/Kord/M2 loaded for players to deploy and use (no AI implemented yet).

Air assets
The Battalion has a 4-ship Aircraft and a 4-ship Attack helicopter flights at its disposal controlled by the Battalion CO and the SpecOps teamleader.
The UAV terminal at the battalion HQ supports a total of 4 UAV's using one at a time (for game performance).

Spec Ops
Special Operation units, Specnaz and Force Recon, are tasked with locating and destroying enemy assets such as the Air Radar and Artillery Radar.
Starting at Battalion HQ Base SpecOps will find ammo crates, vehicles and a helicopter at their disposal.
From the Barrack, requests can be made for a parachute drop deep into enemy territory.
Via the Map Menu both Firesupport and Airsupport may be requested and when needed, helicopter extraction.

Radar sites
Both sides start with an Air Search radar and an Artillery Detection radar site.
The Air Search radar will detect any airborne target at altitudes down to 100m and plot these contact on the map every 2 seconds.
The Artillery radar will detect enemy artillery firing and plot the position (within 100m) for 3 minutes, also the Battalion counter artillery battery (MLRS) will attempt to hit the target.

AI features
AI battalion leader issues attack and defend orders to all platoons while moving to friendly towns to setup a 'Medic and Maintenance' base. Supporting fire with the 4-gun battery for attacking platoons, activation of UAV's and assigning Airsupport to platoons is also managed by this AI.
AI company leaders will move where one of its platoons just move out from. Upon arrival AI will attempt reallocating the mortar battery.
AI platoon leaders will move where directed by Battalion HQ.
AI rifle squads will simply follow their platoon leader.
AI squads will request SADARM support if confronted by heavy armor.
AI SpecOps will drop behind enemy lines by parachute and try to locate the enemy Artillery radar and Air radar. Once a target is detected they will try to destroy the asset using satchel charges.

Available as Server Parameters the admin may set:
Civilian Vehicles.
Civilian Population (includes animals).
ACE block (avoid people not understanding the difference between a mod and an addon).
Conflict Direction, as default or in a north/south or east/west setup.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

Battalion setup:
US Marines battalion is based on MEU but reduced to 2 companies, 2 CAAT platoons, 2 LAV Light Recon platoons and a M1A2 platoon. Weapon Company Mortar platoon is assigned the company commanders one 4-gun battery each.
Company Weapons Platoon have the MG and SMAW teams spread on platoon level (one platoon leader gets SMAW and another MG etc.) but the 60mm is N/A for now - might be scripted in later on.
The AAV section is available in both companies 1st platoon so only 8 of them are available.

The Russian 3rd Guards BMP Battalion is pretty much up to standard TOE but also reduced to 2 companies (three 3-vehicles platoons and a heavy weapons section of two BMP-3 having AGS and Kord weapons inside for players to deploy), one AntiAir platoon (manpads) and one Antitank platoon with Metis, one BTR90 recon platoon and a Specnaz Vodnik recon (my idea to get 51 slots each side :P). To this a 3-vehicles T-90 platoon with its Tunguska support is available.

Chedaki and CDF is setup pretty much same as above respective.

HEXAgon 1er Regiment de Tirailleseurs battalion is based on Lonestars description using 300m and 600m team setups.

BWMod Mech. Battalion have A-Company in Marder and B-Company in Fuchs.

Update 29th June 2010
Added French Infantry (HEXAgon) to both packs
Update #2 29th June 2010
Added German Infantry (BWmod) to both packs. Also fixed client issue with tasks (can't puVar them, missed that).
Update #3 1st July 2010
All players may request arty/mortar depending on commander assets.
UAV target detection now based on range from UAV (max range still 1000m).
SpecOps players now have a local map marker.
Fixed BWmod version regarding flag, ammoboxes etc.
Update #4 2nd July 2010
Added Podagorsk and Celle for selected versions.
Update #5 2nd July 2010 (late)
Added Operation Arrowhead Takistan versions.
Update #6 3rd July 2010 (late)
Added Frontsector missions to both packs.
Update #7 5th July 2010
Updated all missions regading ai movement routines and added "grunt slots" to 'Frontsector' series.
Update #8 6th July 2010
BWmod versions reorganized into a german Task Force with one Marder PzGr. Company and one Leopard Pz.Company (and selected support platoons). Infantry Squad in each Marder has also been reworked - all with help from ZeroG.
Update #9 7th July 2010
Major remake of ai routines including respawn sequence (was pretty defect)
Update #10 11th July 2010
Frontsector versions fixed regarding selection of the 8 citites.
AI dismounted combat added (between 500 to 300m from tartget) - all versions.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- FDF Podagorsk (for this island version)
- Celle (for this island version)
- Bundeswehr Mod (Optional)
- HEXAgon French Characters & Weapons pack (Optional)

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