Missions packs : Frontilne - Frontsector by [ASA]ODEN updated

[ASA]ODEN released an updated version of this warfare sized mission pack for singleplayer and coop in the BI forums.

Changes since last version:
    - Updated all missions regading ai movement routines and added "grunt slots" to 'Frontsector' series.
    - BWmod versions reorganized into a german Task Force with one Marder PzGr. Company and one Leopard Pz.Company (and selected support platoons).
    - Infantry Squad in each Marder has also been reworked - all with help from ZeroG.
    - Major remake of ai routines including respawn sequence (was pretty defect)
    - Frontsector versions fixed regarding selection of the 8 citites.
    - AI dismounted combat added (between 500 to 300m from tartget) - all versions.

Written on 2010-07-12 07:07 by Armaholic  

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