GLT M113 for Operation Arrowhead
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Legislator released the GLT M113 for Operation Arrowhead on the BI forums.

Quote Legislator:
This addon adds the M113A3 to the US Army and to the RACS (Royal Army Corps Sahrani) factions. Both versions can be used seperatly. I know there have been already some M113 addons released for ArmA II but some of them had some serious issues. I simply applied the M113 texture included in ArmA I to the model of ArmA II Operation Arrowhead. The M113A3 for the RACS faction is designed to be used with CAA1 meaning it'll use faction class "RACS". The US Army M113A3 fits into the ArmA II OA faction "BIS_US".

Written on 2010-06-30 14:54 by Legislator  

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