Coop mission : On Target by dpd29

dpd29 released an updated version of his coop mission "On Target" which features many random options in our forums. Notice it needs ArmA 2 to run.

Changes in this version :
    1. The mission uses Revive Script ( 2 lifes)
    2. Ammo limited
    3.You can choose Halo Jump in init position.
    4. The objetives are in the area changing the position, inside buildings, sometimes out buildings, in the roofs...Each time it will change the position in the village so you have to watch all time to find it, and choose the good position to kill him.
    5. If you alert the enemy sure they will go to your position quickly.
    6.Updated to use in single player.
    7.Fixed some mistake with information briefing, sometimes players didnt see it.

Written on 2010-07-06 18:03 by Big  

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