goArmA launcher updated

Hoot has released an new version of the GoArmA launcher in the BI forums.

Quote Hoot :
A little late but goArmA is now fully beta-patch compatible and chooses the appropriate modfolder automatically. Also the strange behaviour of special characters in nicknames should be solved now, as we found out that BIS is using RFC 1738 for encoding strings. Finally we've fixed the minor things that were left behind since 2007. The plugin-api is working now, a slight documentation for interested devs will follow later, an example plugin (skype) will be released as well - asap.

You can view the complete changelog by clicking "Read more".
A tutorial how to use this tool can be found on our download page.

Download the goArmA launcher from our download section. (June 02, 2008)

* [fixed] Problems with special characters in usernames.
* [fixed] Some mods wont get selectable, as the directory structures differs from the standard.
* [fixed] Changes within mod directories were not detected.
* [fixed] Selected mods were not reset when loading a new profile
* [fixed] goArma crashed on selecting a teamspeak server which doesn't have a "ServerWelcomeMessage" set
* [fixed] Modfolders containing a "." were not listed correctly
* [fixed] ArmA server query problems with newer server versions
* [fixed] Mod selection is reset when changing the arma executable.
* [fixed] Unable to start beta versions.
* [added] New language: Chinese(simple) (April 12, 2007)

* [fixed] Installtions on VIeSTA will fail due to (BI-forums): ... -code.aspx
* [fixed] Typos in errormessages and infopanels (Staff)
* [fixed] WinXP(x64) saves ArmedAssault inside the 32Bit subsystem within the
registry. goArmA stumbles when looking for ArmedAssault (Morton)
* [fixed] Serverpasswords are saved seperately for each server, but displayed as if it would be only one global one (Paranoid)
* [fixed] Searching in the generated serverlist is case-sensitive, thus unfavourable (R.U.K)
* [fixed] Once a soundfile was deleted from a physical storage device, an
affected goArmA profile could not be edited anymore and ended in a
crash of the program when loaded (Zecke)
* [fixed] The content of the current sound file source folder wasn't listed after a restart of goArma (Staff)
* [fixed] A new sound file source folder was applied after cancellation of the sound folder selection dialog (Staff)
* [fixed] The default folder of the sound file source folder selection dialog is set to the current source folder (Staff)
* [fixed] Sound profiles couldn't be modified (Staff)
* [added] Start external programs (Paranoid)
* [added] "Path to arma.exe" feature to let the user start betas or stuff (Staff) 

Written on 2008-06-04 15:01 by Foxhound  

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